Today I've mostly been doing battle with my car. The thermostat was stuck open causing it to never get up to temperature on cold days. Now it gets up to temperature and stays there. 😄

Enjoying a modest crop of Strawberries from my hanging baskets this morning. Hopefully my Tomatoes will start producing soon. :)

Playing with openSUSE Tumbleweed. I haven't done any Linux tinkering in ages!

Made some serious progress with the raised veggie bed today. Just got to finish the side panels, do some reinforcement and paint it with wood preserver.

Working from home today because someone is coming to fix a problem with our heating. I hate almost everything about it, it's just too quiet and communicating with people is a pain! The home office dog is quite nice though...

Started building a raised bed for growing some fruit and veg yesterday, out of old pallets and stuff I had lying around. Also got myself a free compost bin.

I really didn't. Had I been asked to vote I would have voted for Monzo Bank.

The app doesn't even show my balance on my current account correctly for Pete's sake!

This week so far has been brought to you by sleepless nights and expensive vets bills.

Our lovely but severely epileptic cat Oscar has been having a seizure every few hours since Sunday evening. They're very violent grand mal seizures, so take their toll. Fingers crossed he's feeling a bit better now.

Also spent £200 getting the dog's teeth sorted out.

I did NOT need this on my first two days back after being on holiday!

Does anyone find the existence of this mildly ridiculous. How is this even possible? Also it's only about £35!

I may also just be getting old...

Today I've been enjoying the sun. Mowed the lawn. Cleaned my car and now sorting out bits and pieces on it.

The airbag light came on the other day with is an MOT failure (mine is due soon). Turned out to be a loose connector. Fixed with a cable tie. Phew!

Also ordering it a new rear middle seat belt and some non-broken door trim. It is spoiled for a £600 car...

In reply to @craigoverend, my was a Zenith Data Systems Z-Select. 486DX, 16MB RAM and I *think* Windows 95.

My Dad got it when it was getting chucked out of his office at British Telecom, some time in the late 90s.

I think my Dad may be getting a little sick of dog-sitting.

Got this message today: "Not quite so good with Cookie today. She had a 40 minute walk with Deborah and I this morning but planted herself about half a mile from home this afternoon and I had to be rescued by car. Then she snaffled and ate a frozen fish finger I happened to drop. I think anxiety has given way to cheekiness." 🤣

Just as well we're heading home on Thursday.

Two of these vehicles is suitable for the mountain roads of southern Italy. One of these vehicles is what the hire car company "upgraded" us to. Can you work out which is which?

On a side note, I really want a Piaggio Ape and a classic Fiat 500...

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