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Just enabled some of the options from this Arch Linux wiki page (I'm using Solus) and it's made my Firefox install much faster (probably at the cost of some stability).

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501,251 accounts
+1,579 in the last hour
+17,873 in the last day
+125,747 in the last week
1,296 active instances

I really didn't. Had I been asked to vote I would have voted for Monzo Bank.

The app doesn't even show my balance on my current account correctly for Pete's sake!

Switched my personal laptop to Firefox after many years on Chrome. It's come a long way while I was away. I especially like the "Reader View".

Also there is the bonus of them not constantly conspiring to collect more and more of my personal data...

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If you use Chrome, Google can use a network protocol for tracking and ad delivery that can't be seen or blocked by extensions. TL;DR: You really shouldn't use a web browser made by an ad company.

"AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and other extensions cannot block QUIC requests. Recommended best practice is to disable QUIC from the chrome://flags/ URL."

This week so far has been brought to you by sleepless nights and expensive vets bills.

Our lovely but severely epileptic cat Oscar has been having a seizure every few hours since Sunday evening. They're very violent grand mal seizures, so take their toll. Fingers crossed he's feeling a bit better now.

Also spent £200 getting the dog's teeth sorted out.

I did NOT need this on my first two days back after being on holiday!

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My @bigben account has 113 followers now. I'm quite pleased with myself...

Thanks @lhuga for the idea!

At some point I'll make it less of a bodgy hack...

Gah, legacy bank systems nearly screwed me again. Had a cheque clearing in my account. Natwest online banking says I have a (significant) positive balance, so does the mobile app, but I got a text message saying I'm overdrawn. NOT HELPFUL!

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@followthesam attach that to a pigeon/dog (or even a cat which takes known routes and doesn't slip its collar) and you've potentially got a more reliable and faster data transfer method than many UK broadband circuits 😁 (although a cat that refuses to immediately comply with routing instructions might introduce extra jitter 😸 )

Does anyone find the existence of this mildly ridiculous. How is this even possible? Also it's only about £35!

I may also just be getting old...

Today I've been enjoying the sun. Mowed the lawn. Cleaned my car and now sorting out bits and pieces on it.

The airbag light came on the other day with is an MOT failure (mine is due soon). Turned out to be a loose connector. Fixed with a cable tie. Phew!

Also ordering it a new rear middle seat belt and some non-broken door trim. It is spoiled for a £600 car...

Went to a charity Hair Force One gig at The Hobbit in Southampton last night. It was completely rammed. I am now completely shattered!

Go look up their albums if you want to listen to unexpectedly high quality metal covers of pop songs.

All that said, we can't afford even the cheapest used Q5 right now anyway. the 2.0L TFSI with the DSG gearbox looks quite nice though...

After driving the tank (aka Opel Zafira Tourer Auto) in Italy and coming back to my '99 Audi A4 Avant Manual in the UK, I've definitely changed my opinion of Automatic gearboxes and big tall cars.

My wife is very fond of SUVs like the Audi Q5 and Lexus NX and I've always been more of an estate car kind of guy.

However the Zafira was actually quite nice to drive and the seating position for me (just over 6ft) was just so damn comfy. All the magic electronics actually made handle nicely too.

Flew back from Italy late on Thursday night, spent yesterday at my parents' place in Essex. Now back home to Hampshire and work on Monday. Can't put off real life forever...

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