- Why bother staying awake in a world ruled by sleepwalkers? How would you answer this ?

TL;DR: Teaching people how to use is a lot more fun and rewarding than it sounds. Even if they don't quite get why it's more than just another social network at first.

After evangelising Mastodon to my my family and friends, I convinced some of them to join.

Now I'm getting bombarded with texts asking how to search, how to "friend" people, how to like stuff and tons of other seemingly simple questions. You might think that it would be annoying, but actually I couldn't be happier.

I've got a super new channel on the matrix network. You can check it out and message me at :matrix.org or use this link - matrix.to/#/!TzaUZiNEfNgKBwtxL

The channel is public, so keep it family friendly and

Looking forward to seeing you all there


I had some yummy lunch the other day at Wagamama. Definitely my favourite .

There will be some supah content going live soon on my channel lbry.tv/@forgecleric that you might want to check out. It'll be awesome XD


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