So, this is Mastodon... hello!

We need our decentralized Internet back, and this looks like a tiny step in the right direction.

I write Free Software, evangelise about IPv6 and decentralizing the Internet, and do rude and unusual things with multicast. So I might write a few things about that.

Or I might grumble a lot and post pictures of tractors. It could go either way. Stay tuned...

We do need it back, hoping that there will be a few people going to FOSDEM in February. I'd love to see some toots from that on the federated timeline.

@onepict yes, hoping to meet some interesting folks at FOSDEM again in February.

@dentangle @onepict sadly I'm not going to make it to this year, got other things going on. The crew will be there though, if you're passing by ;)

@gwmngilfen @dentangle
Awww, never mind, I'm sure we will pass the foreman booth. Plus I am sure we will catch up soon

@onepict @dentangle I will be at but that's all the time I can spare, sadly. If you're hanging around we can catch up in Gent ;)

@gwmngilfen @onepict Cool. Not sure if we'll stick around for #cfgmgmtcamp yet, but will ping you if we're in town.

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