I might be getting slower, but at-least I'm consistent at something.

51 each year.

Just had a call from surbiton polling, they wanted to know how young adults vote, I may have messed up their statistics.

Not my fault I'm such an

I braved the wind and the rain, just to deliver cakes to some of my favorite Poll Workers

Today marks the 3rd Annual Poll Clerk Appreciation Day, so go visit your local Polling Station, say thanks to the staff, and maybe take them a nice mince pie.

Oh, and you can also vote while you are there.

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Elections are the worst. Can't wait for the 2020 edition.

A few weeks back I said that if I could run the 5 mile Sneyd Striders Christmas Pudding Race in sub-45 minutes I would commit to entering (and more importantly training for) a spring marathon.

Well I crossed the line in 44'44, so it looks like I need to dust off my Hal Higdon books and next payday I'll be sending £30 to Boston UK Marathon.

I won't be looking for a PB, just to reclaim some running discipline, and collect some bling.

A steady 3 mile run before breakfast to complete day 3 of the , only another 28 days to go?

On Saturday I failed a challenge I set myself back in January - To visit my each month - as both my Nearest and Second-Nearest Events Not Yet Done were cancelled.


This morning I was timekeeping at Bloxwich Jr. parkrun, and gained my One-star timekeeper badge.


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