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kavi @kavi@mastodon.org.uk

TIL my handle apparently means Indian poet. it was from a typo when typing navi, oof

i feel bad for tooting all the time because my instance is kind of small

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I recently started playing rf4 and it's fantastic

@swift you misspelled the name of the person you tried to impersonate, in the nicest way possible, please shite off you catfish

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Honest question for anyone who has a problem with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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My understanding of Mastodon instances is that they're like JRPG towns in that you know everyone there and it's very quaint and comfortable there and as soon as you leave town by looking at the global timeline you're instantly murdered by a swarm of goblins

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*see's a toot from 2017 get boosted*

damn! that's a blastodon from the pastodon

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I swear half the bots just mirror birdsite stuff

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am I allowed to dump memes or is that frowned on?

boost my toots 🎺 🎺

this place feels like an amalgamation of reddit and old twitter

>get notification
>wankbot is now following you

when they ask for a bite

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just remembered i had this gif and now im making u all deal with it. boost if you involuntarily make any noises

voice timeline scared the shit out of me, figured out how to turn it off oof

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