Free britbox subscription came with my new 4G data connection. Only to fond there's no UK roku app for BB, despite it being available for US roku since 2017. I mean why? I'm assuming the same lame-ass reason iPlayer won't work on my Roku Ultra because Auntie is a needlessly snooty individual.

Hat Mancock statement all you might expect it to be.

Big shout out to the fabulous Heimdall tool

Hooray! After a week of thinking I'd bricked my lovely T510 I've manages to get into Download mode. Now to try and rebuild the ROM.....

Anyone out there using Triodos bank for a current account? Would be great to know how you are getting on as considering switching.

Halfway through day Littlewax#4 has now had two lessons cancelled

8:55 on the first day after halfterm and Littlewax#4 has already had one online lesson cancelled. Last half term about a third of all lessons were cancelled or teacher didn't attend. So its nice to see some consistency at least.

Dipped back into the bird site. Regretted it, immediately reminded why I left. Account now closed.

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RT vincent_rowlatt: Nasa built a rocket, a spacecraft, a rover and a little helicopter, launched to whole thing into space, landed the rover on Mars where it will trundle around for two or more years looking for interesting stuff, cost ยฃ2.7 Billion.

Serco Test and Trace, cost ยฃ22 Billion.

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I get it now. Ted and Heidi Cruz wanted their children to be safe, to have basic sanitary services like heat and running water, to leave behind a third-world apocalyptic nightmare for a safer place. Like so many parents before them, they decided to cross the Mexican border.


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RT BigBrotherWatch: It's ID card season...๐Ÿคฆ

Voter ID doesn't stop fraud - it stops the poorest voting.

In 2017 there was 1 vote fraud conviction - in the ENTIRE country.

In 2019, a voter ID trial saw 2000+ people refused a ballot paper for forgetting ID.

Learn more:

More than a year into this crisis how can people still have so little idea how far 2 metres is?

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UK pol, Brexit 

So the Brexit pain continues.
Next is a rise in Energy prices, as we are no longer part of the EU energy market.
So far it looks to be about a 5% increase in Wholesale electricity prices since 1 Jan.

Trying to switch our 4g internet connection to EE as Vodafone can't give the promised speed. Can't signup until I validate a captcha that isn't there. Grrrr.

Switched clients to fedilab for the simple reason domain blocking just doesn't work on Tusky. Finally I can scroll the fesdiverse without the gazillions of dodgy anime.

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Happy 30th birthday to Lemmings! Dundee based DMA Design's classic puzzle game was released for the Commodore Amiga on February 14th 1991.

But did you know that there's a Lemmings statue in Dundee?


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