In my household, my wife got a bit tired of eating the same few things when it came round to my turn to cook, So, a few months ago, she came up with a where she would get some ingredients and I would be left to cook something novel.


So far, this has been quite a success and today I cooked a with , and . I added a dash of soy sauce and Chinese vinegar and some yoghurt and some chillies for a bit of a tang. It came out a dark mauve colour when blended. Very nice with her home-made bread.

Beetroot is an often overlooked vegetable.
I recently made a vegetable stew with beetroot, parsnips and carrots.
The colour was both surprising and pleasing. We served it with Morrocan lamb sausage and a wedge of Hispi cabbage fried in butter, very enjoyable.
Beetroot roasted with hard goats cheese is another favourite.

@wyliecoyoteuk I must say that I've never been a huge fan of it but it worked out quite nice. The colour was brighter before the spinach was blended in of course.

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