My wife just told me that as she was walking past a bunch of youths in a narrow lane, they shouted “Coronavirus” at her. Yes, she is of Chinese origin but such overtly bigoted behaviour is shameful for a so-called civilized country. I can’t believe it’s happening so overtly in this day and age amongst the young.

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@mkwadee That is dreadful. The same thing is happening here, even within universities where you might expect people would be slightly more educated and tolerant.

@ak Thanks. I haven't yet heard anyone be so base at the university where I work at yet. If I did, the culprit would really get a piece of my mind.

@mkwadee Reading the article, I'm not sure it was actually a student who did it. It says the incident was on West Street, which is a main city street close to the campus but not on the campus. It's more likely to have been a non-student, I've had trouble on West Street in the past.

@ak Bigotry is commonplace and so it could be either, I guess. We need to confront it wherever it is.

@ak @mkwadee newspapers have reported some of such episodes in Italy as well.

@mkwadee One of the ugliest things to come out of societies with centuries of being spoiled is bored youth whose entitlements give them access to large groups trying to impress each other with their "bully badness".

Tell your wife she is beautiful and to walk as tall as she is. We don't write this off as "kids these days". We say, "this is not acceptable".

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