The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Molière

@mkwadee Sorry, I understand it's a metaphor, but the fact is just false.
Beside the trees that grow slow but do not produce any fruit, such as gingko, in the fruit realm you have a lot of pretty nice fruit produced by fast growing trees such as papaya, pomegranate etc.

If you mean to say that in the same species, for example if you have 10 apple trees, the slow growing one will beat better fruit again, not true. If it's growing slow something is holding it down (bad genes, lack of water, lack of light...), and it will likely yield less.

@arteteco I don't think Molière was talking in botanical or horticultural terms when he made the statement.

In what sense was the metaphor meant to be taken?

@mkwadee No, I'm serious. I mean, the metaphor should be true in what it resembles, otherwise doesn't make any sense.

@arteteco Well, maybe in the author's limited experience, that what he observed or remembered.

@mkwadee yeah, I think he was wrong is all I'm saying

@arteteco If you start analysing many quotes or proverbs, I expect most are highly flawed or downright wrong.

@arteteco @mkwadee Ginkgo make fruit! It's just super stinky so people usually only plant male trees... <_<
Apparently the seed can be prepared to be nice though so it is eaten in some parts..

Nah, Gingko don't make any fruit, it's just a fleshy shell called sarcotesta, that's the part that stinks.

Fruits are basically the ovary of the flower enlarging to contain the seeds, it's a different structure


@arteteco @mkwadee Ah, specifics! That makes sense, the only time I ever saw the stuff it was shell-like while being squishy at the same time. Bit peculiar to my mind.


Yeah Gingko is very peculiar, I mean it's the only species of its **division**, that means not only that is rather old, but also that it had accumulated a good amount of features unique to that species and that species alone.


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