@mkwadee I was going to say "why not both?" but it turns out the headline is oversimplifying things -- I agree with the quote later in the article that hydrogen can be used for really hard-to-electrify applications (planes), and that other things should use electricity.

@varx Best not to react just to headlines. Hydrogen is a viable technology to avoid pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But it is being used as a tool by fossil fuel corporations as a means to drag their feet and not take responsibility for their past actions and to drag out their existence.

@mkwadee Yes, I just wish headlines were more accurate. :-) The Guardian definitely has a tendency towards clickbait sometimes, even though I generally like their articles.

I actually haven't heard a lot about hydrogen in recent years, and had thought it had largely fallen by the wayside.

@varx I think lots of people (including me, of course) and even energy experts have been surprised at how quickly the price of renewable energy has fallen.

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