This is the first I ever put on . It depicts a , or . This increases in in direct proportion the distance travelled along the curve, starting at zero curvature (straight) at the origin. Here I’ve shown it latching onto a circle of the equivalent of curvature at the tip.

In practical terms, the curve is used in and .

@mkwadee for 'normal' Drivers it feels than like a normal curve when you steer with constant rotation into and out of it...

@vilbi It is used in the higher classification of roads, like motorways, freeways and Autobahns where speeds are high and the sudden jolt would otherwise be uncomfortable and harmful to the vehicle too.

@mkwadee I know, as I studied Civil Engineering long ago :-)

@mkwadee an Engineering study is a solid base for the worklife! Helps to solve 'big problems' with cutting them into smaller pieces without loosing focus on the big picture

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