@nina Well, that's a first, I guess. Shows that even famous composers don't know it all.

Never pay any attention to what critics say. Remember, a statue has never been set up in honour of a critic!

– Jean Sibelius

Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.

– Harold Wilson

"...suddenly it feels as if society is tightening up again. There’s a new authoritarianism creeping back into politics. It’s not history repeating itself – I don’t think it ever does – but the same themes crop up in new versions.

We seem to be in a moment where British nostalgia and reverence for a certain aristocratic past feels uniquely powerful. It’s concerning. Nostalgia can be sentimental, but it can also be used to exclude or dominate."


“I work at a walk-in health centre. The super-worriers are a problem” | Anonymous | Opinion | The Guardian

The hysteria bears much of the blame for this.


A Trip to II - (Depth 3e2159) - YouTube

I’ve been fascinated by the since I first saw an article about it in around #1985 and went to an exhibition about it at the of . The particular is particularly mesmerizing with the colour scheme chosen and lasts for three hours! I bet you can guess what happens at the end…

Note the factor at the end.


Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

– John Lennon

@LienRag I think it's based on a WWII propaganda phrase which was "Dig for Victory" although I could be wrong and also "Keep Calm and Carry On".

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