@PaulHutchinson Politics is everywhere in our lives right now. Can't we at least have some rest from it on the Fediverse?

I'm trying to like the Dark Theme on GNOME. For the most part it's OK but annoying where applications don't support the system-wide preference, insist on it being a per application choice or just offer a fixed white theme. The GNOME developers are trying their best but the World has yet to catch up.

@followthesam Are you able to use IPv6 both internally and externally? I'm with VirginMedia and their mission statement says they have no plans to support IPv6 on their domestic network. In this age, IPv6 availability should be a given. I guess they're not comfortable with the idea of giving all domestic customers a static IP.

Honestly, the influx of ex-Twitter users onto Mastodon is a mixed blessing. Those who post multiple toots per minute get blocked (nothing personal but it's just noise to me) and it's seriously affecting my enjoyment of this medium that I'm seriously considering quitting it.

@andyc They are resolver processes and should be listed by ps if they're used.

@andyc Thanks. The Virtual Size of beam.smp is what I remember. You might have some epmd processes too. So, this is running in a 1GB allocation?

@andyc I'd be interested to hear about resource usage of your Pleroma instance. From running ejabberd many years ago I recall that Erlang/OTP applications can consume a lot of RAM.

FreeBSD systems upgraded. That was a trivial one. 😊️

@Waxingtonknee I know what you mean. The BBC seem to have forgotten what films are too. It just seems to be a continuous out-pouring of games shows.

Sophie Herold's PikaBackup has received some great new features. You can now schedule backups and manage deletion of saved backups. For a small version-number change the leap in functionality is significant. Oh, it's also got a shiny new application icon too.

If you've been hit by the GNOME Software application not working in fedora 36, a fix is available in updates. For Silverblue you'll need to do an rpm-ostree upgrade to get it.

@andyc I was asked to fill in a general satisfaction survey from them. When it came to the "How can we improve our service for you?" question, I replied "Introduce loyalty savings for customers like me who've been with you for 21 years instead of giving all the discounts to new customers only!".

@losttourist I suspect the dreadlocks are gone and he's looking a bit Prince William. 😁️

@Waxingtonknee Compassionate human beings with no sense of economics. They seem to think that people can come into this country en-masse and the honest, hard-working, people will be happy to support them not contributing anything at all. It's a joke!

@stsquad Hardcore social interactions through Emacs! 🤣️

@dick_turpin There's not a lot to like about HP Inkjet printers (aside from their excellent support under GNU/Linux with HPLIP). I particularly don't like the fact that they bump the prices of cartridges for older printer models above what you pay for those of newer ones.

@followthesam Replacement laptop batteries are a minefield. The regular marketplaces are full of fakes, misrepresented capacities etc. Try and find a reputable UK-based vendor. At least you'll have some comeback if it doesn't meet your expectations or published specification.

If you ever have the need to talk serial to embedded hardware, 3D Printers etc. over a conventional serial port or serial-over-USB there's no need for a fancy-schmancy terminal program. GNU Screen has you covered.

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