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I really like PrusaSlicer but there's no doubt that Cura produces a cleaner print. It does some stupid things though like performing firmware retracts when you select volumetric extrusion with no easy way to switch it off. Still, having a choice is a Good thing(TM).

Does anyone know of a self-hosted Web Email application that isn't written in PHP?

I've been using Cypht until today when an update to PHP-8.1 introduced a breaking change related to $GLOBALS handling. How a minor version number update in a series can introduce such a breaking change is beyond me.

Oh for a Webmail application written in Rust! 🤔️

The 3D Printed parts for an Air Rifle Competition target checker. Printed on my FLSUN QQ-S Pro delta printer.

I have a pet-peeve with people who either don't configure their DMARC reporting address correctly or the associated mailbox is left to fill-up and isn't serviced. The real kicker was today when a report was bounced from "". Sigh, if you're going to use a webform or HOWTO then, please, put your own details in there correctly.

Just received an email from Virgin Mobile that my plan will be increasing in cost from April 2022. It's changing from just a RPI increase to RPI+3.9%. Obviously the pandemic has made no difference to Virgin's need to extract more money out of customers.

Happy New Year Fediverse! May 2022 bring you happiness and prosperity.

Really impressed with my, recently purchased, FLSUN QQ-S Pro 3D Printer.

There's a YouTuber who makes the claim "You can't get dimensionally accurate prints on a Delta!" and "Don't even bother with the supplied filament, it's crap, throw it away!".

I think, having just printed a 20mm test cube which my, admittedly budget, digital caliper measures as 20.00 in all three dimensions with the supplied filament, that YouTuber might want to re-evaluate his statements on delta printers.

The 3D Printing community is mourning the loss of Sanjay Mortimer who passed-away on 27th November 2021 aged 32 years.

Sanjay will be remembered as a co-founder of E3D, a company specialising in the manufacture of 3D Printer hotends. He will be greatly missed as an innovator in the field.

OK, time to learn some Rust... and LibAdwaita... and do it under GNOME-Builder. It'll be intense. 🤨️

@themayor: Thank you for my GNOME Weather reports and welcome to Mastondon, people of Oslo.

Hoping for an official release of fedora 35 on 11/02/2021. I've been running Silverblue 35 unofficially for nearly two weeks now without issue but it will be nice to be legitimate.

I find it amusing that the data presented in GNOME Weather, for my small English town, is supplied by the Norwegian Meterological Institute. It's pretty accurate too. 🙂️

Some of my fedora 35 Beta packages were downgraded today. I hope that's an indication that a release will happen tomorrow. 🤔️

I went to a Retro-computing event at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK, today.

An added bonus was some folks from Bletchley Park in attendance whom I had a chance to talk with about their computer collection.

There were a lot of 1980s/90s vintage Home and School computers there to play with. Also, a lot of the early Microcomputer kits only folks of my age would recall e.g. the MOS KIM-1.

A few emulated PDP-11 machines and lots of mini/mainframe machines which many don't know.

Another little side-project realised. A WireGuard VPN Server on a FriendlyElec NanoPi NEO3 (running ArchlinuxARM) which sits behind my ODROID-HC1 Home Server.

It was interesting to configure this using systemd-networkd and devise a working DNS resolution mechanism. It's working nicely with the official WireGuard Android app and I just need to replicate things on my fedora laptop but with selective on/off control. The NetworkManager GUI doesn't support WireGuard connections right now.

Hmm. Never expected this. My fedora Silverblue install has just received the fedora 35 flatpak runtime and updated applications built against it. I've never had an OS where the applications are updated before the base packages. Interesting.

fedora 35 Beta is out - for those interested in testing it.

New to this version is Kinoite, a KDE spin providing the same experience as Silverblue i.e. an immutable base OS with RPM layering and flatpak application installs.

Had a little trip in an ambulance last night (nothing serious, I had a trip resulting in me losing consciousness momentarily and my wife called an ambulance on me - thank you my love!).

Anyway, I'm still finding ECG pads on the morning after. 🤣️

I'm getting really tired of email admins who point their DMARC reporting address to an unmanaged account. Every morning I'm greeted by bounces saying "recipient's inbox is full". If you're going to implement DMARC then do it properly people! 🤨️

Just given my annual donation to to keep the lights on at Wikipedia. It's shameful that only 2% of users actually donate to this great online resource. It's unique and deserves to survive.

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