Trisquel 9.0, codename "Etiona" is the most polished release of the fully-free operating system endorsed and used by the FSF, thanks to the contributions of a very committed team of volunteers. Read more:

Signed up with All4 yesterday as I thought it would worth paying for an ad free viewing experience. Turns out it's actually ad-free*, with the asterisk being "*For contractual reasons some programmes will contain ads or promotional trails for other programmes."

Up early and heading in to the office for the day. A socially-distanced product workshop with some super-smart colleagues - excited!

Bought a new fountain pen this week and have been enjoying taking some long-hand notes today. It's a real joy to spend some time with analogue notes, and I can feel some connections being remade that got missed in the digital versions.

TERF apps, security stuff 

Wow. Someone tried to disclose a vuln to the creators of TERF app Giggle, and they not only acted like shrieking techbros, but also accused the person who found the vuln of being a man (even though she's a cis woman)


Oh yes Wait a minute Mr Postman Stop In the name of love Stop

Famous songs inspired by telegram messages...

Can you use Linux on Windows? Yes. Is it the same? Definitely NO. This image explains better.

Thanks to @craigmaloney linking me to a cool album yesterday, I have made a couple of jumps and discovered the composer Dame Ethel Smyth. Listening to her concerto for violin and horn - lovely!

Wife is trying repeatedly to book a test on the gov website. Every time she has to answer a slew of questions (same every time) because it says that there are tests now available. Every time we get through to the bookings page there are no slots for tests.

I had naively assumed that we were past the worse and it would be easy to get a test done - apparently there are no walk-in centres in the whole of the Manchester City area that we can go to?!

Wife has Covid symptoms. Trying to get a test booked seems like a Sisyphean task so I may be currently on day 2 of a full 14-day lockdown :(

‪Remember to order your books for the upcoming Winter plague quarantine from your local bookstore instead of Amazon. Start here 💁‍♂️

Don't know what they've put in the water since lockdown began, but it appears that *all* my clothes have shrunk a couple of sizes since March...


Dear Facebook, Google and other Surveillance Capitalist assholes, why do I need a personalized experience on a website? Fuck off. Leave me alone. All I want to do is read an article in reader view. Again, fuck off with your ads.

If you want to mine shit, go buy equipment and dig up some gold in a remote location.

Setting up a couple of new websites and I've been getting to grips with python/uwsgi/nginx. One remaining conundrum is that an IPv6 DNS record that appears to be all set up correctly doesn't make it through to the nginx instance on the server. What might be a gotcha that I've missed? (firewall, ipv6only and permissions all appear to be in order).

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