"Maxiumum Onus" A one-off single track from me - in a style which is unlike that which I usually adopt. ;)


HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points, If we make it so that you have to understand programming to even start, then we take something open and enabling, and place it back in the hands of those who are already privileged. 💯 true. rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/20

Oh sure, when a million dollar company puts files on my computers that track my activity its 'cookies' and 'business', but when I put files on their computers that extract information its 'hacking' and 'illegal' #computing #internet #privacy #bigdata #doublestandards

replying #notAllMen when dudes post about liking sports or cars or whatever dudes like

I've been using Gnome for years (and love it!), but only just made the move to become a supporter. If you love the free software you use - why not give them some cash if you can afford it? Desktop environments get some heat from people sometimes, but it's really unbelievable that we have something like Gnome that is totally free.

If hours spent reading about coding could be cashed in for actual code I would have so many more finished projects.

Norwegian counterpoint:
"She noted the moose statue in Norway is more of "bling moose," whereas Mac the Moose is a simple replica of the real animal.

She said if Moose Jaw makes an effort, they could beat out Norway's moose for the record."

(Knuckle tats: BLNG MÜ$E)

Just a note that Mastodon isn’t crumbling and @Gargron takes more shit for having made something good for the right reasons than anyone else I know.

I'd love some thoughts from other linux music people on here on good apps to use, particularly for processing guitar.

Since Christmas I've moved house, started a new job, and finally got some of my old music up on Bandcamp.


Hoping that this will help me get off my arse and record some new music this year.

Well, strictly speaking, that's actually a coach Google, not a bus. Not sure I should be penalised because you can't tell the difference.

I’ve been wanting to get out to the forge all week but have been under the weather so was unable to. This morning I felt a lot better and thus decided to forge a little hair clip and pin for my wife as it was something small and it was too hot outside for heavy forging.
Pictured is the finished piece and the clip being worn.

#blacksmith #metalwork #jewellery

Loving TasksApp by @nigeldgreen

A great web application for simple, straightforward and quick task management.

I'm using it for Libreture... so there that. 😉


Although only a handful of episodes in, I'm loving the @librelounge podcast. Really good conversations over the wider issues in the free software/culture world.

I use Laravel a lot at work and love the Laravel News podcast to keep up with the latest versions and packages - laravel-news.com/podcast/

Learning Python has been fun for me this year and I've really loved Talk Python to Me (talkpython.fm) and Python Bytes (pythonbytes.fm) to get more immersed in that world.

Was reminded by a podcast today that one of the best ways to support them is to let people know about them.

I'm going to use the hashtag to share the love for podcasts I've enjoyed this year (and hopefully help me find cool new podcasts to listen to if people join in!)

My car key has snapped. Just had a quote from the dealer for £230 for a replacement!

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