Although only a handful of episodes in, I'm loving the @librelounge podcast. Really good conversations over the wider issues in the free software/culture world.

I use Laravel a lot at work and love the Laravel News podcast to keep up with the latest versions and packages -

Learning Python has been fun for me this year and I've really loved Talk Python to Me ( and Python Bytes ( to get more immersed in that world.

Was reminded by a podcast today that one of the best ways to support them is to let people know about them.

I'm going to use the hashtag to share the love for podcasts I've enjoyed this year (and hopefully help me find cool new podcasts to listen to if people join in!)

My car key has snapped. Just had a quote from the dealer for £230 for a replacement!

me: This user interface is easy to use, intuitive and will survive the test of time.

my users:

Today's Deal of the Day from DriveThru Fiction is Small Matters by Monte Cook.

Brought to you from the mind of master world-builder and storyteller Monte Cook, these seven short stories tell tales of vengeance and honour. Love and murder. Loyalty and greed.

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.

A take: any 'bad actor' moves that get reported for Mozilla are taken more seriously precisely because these events are rarer with Mozilla, and because Mozilla are (overall) a far better actor in the browser field than others.

This is not to excuse some of their actions, but the bar does appear to be higher for them than their peers, even though they are not the market leader.

This is toxic and is used by anti-mozilla folks to help keep their share down.

With Microsoft adopting Chromium as the engine for Edge it's important for freedom-supporting folks to help prevent a monopoly. If you drifted away from Firefox over the years then now is a great time to come back! Lots has changed in the last 18 months so give it a try today (if you're not already using it).

Have just discovered that my new laptop has a touch screen. I've always avoided this as an option in the past, but think I might quite get used to it now.

Just noticed that Travellers season 3 has landed on Netflix. That'll be the weekend gone then.

Watching Dog Soldiers as I work through another day on the Advent of Code challenge.

Obvs am relocating within the country rather than the company...

It's Friday! Happy end of week fedizens!

In the next two weeks we are going to leave our home of 15 years, relocate to a new part of the company, start new jobs, and somehow fit in Christmas.

Still happy it's the weekend though!

Picked up new Dell XPS13 this morning and now have Ubuntu Mate installed. A very nice laptop!

Random reminder to use a password manager if you aren't already! It'll help you stay safe online by using long, unique passwords for each service you use.

While LastPass or 1Password are great choices, I prefer KeePassXC

Official site:

Official quick-start guide:

My getting-started guide:

Using Jira this morning and thinking how we'd never put up with the horrible lag and crappy UI of this on a desktop app. Why do we put up with this for web apps?

User experience with most big web apps - even on a good day - is like using a desktop app on a horribly underpowered machine 10 years ago.

Hey Mastodonians, #GNUSocial citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the #fediverse in just one click!

Join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

Anyone UK-based recommend a good place to sell an (excellent quality, nearly new) Macbook Pro online? eBay is out and I've had an awful experience trying Gumtree so wonder if any of you lovely folks can suggest somewhere else to try?

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