Is this a good or bad time to try and sell a first-gen M1 MacBook Pro? For all that's sacred, don't trust the hype and buy one. MacOS has been taking a dive since 10.4 and it's only getting worse.

I hate bands where they feel they're too cool to talk to the audience. You're first on dude, make an effort to win us over. You ain't that good.

After a lean couple of years I am finally off to a gig tonight; the first post-lockdown one that I've booked which is actually going ahead!

Winterfylleth at Rebellion in Manchester for anyone interested.

Getting up for work will be a slog after the late finish, but Grimmfest always programme top-notch films so it's worth it!

Very excited for the first night of virtual Grimmfest tonight. Watching Slapface and The Night Belongs to Monsters, plus a bunch of new horror short films.

Being able to calligraphy has sent me mad with power!

CW - lots of naughty words here. I'm not marking as sensitive because it's hard to read them just from the thumbnails.

This was supposed to be an hour-ish long practice piece, but I got a bit carried away and three and a half hours later... XD

The green's a bit brighter than I like, it's pretty dark in the bottle. Oh well.

Materials list in the next toot ^.^

#Calligraphy #MastoArt

Ran the Manchester marathon yesterday. Feel like I've been in a car crash today.

Been working on getting vim a bit more tricked out for working on larger PHP and Vue projects today. V satisfying

Say hello to the Fairphone 4: Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. 📱🌿

Our most sustainable smartphone, now with 5G speed, 5-year warranty and electronic waste neutral. Check it out ➡️ :

#fairphone #fairphone4

What kind of world are you helping to create? Is it the world you want to live in yourself? That you want your children to grow up in?

If not, it might be time to start doing something else.

Seeing how much discount you get on a Tesco clubcard, you realise just how valuable your personal data is to these companies. The benefit is all on their side, not yours.

From Birdsite. Supposedly written by a bot. Scorchingly funny, either way.

PSA - Zappa's 'Peaches in Regalia' is the one you choose if you only have one track to stay with you for the rest of your life. Pretty much all you can need is in there.

(also, pretty much all of NoMeansNo's back catalogue)

"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

Libreture's OPDS feature allows you to access your personal ebook, digital comic, magazine, & RPG library from any compatible device.

Here's some more information about how you can use OPDS with Libreture to read your books.

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Fish shell

I switched my shell from Zsh to Fish yesterday. In this post I go through how to get started with Fish, take you through my config, and provide you with links to useful plugins and tools.

Enjoy! :)

#fish #shell

Just started working through the last advent of code in PHP. Trying to be smart about using new PHP8 features as a way of getting better acquainted with the latest changes. I really love PHP!

A comical video of my daughter performing a monologue written by the same person who wrote the stories I narrated which appear on this website.

In this role, she plays an embittered TV Chef who may have a little problem with booze.

Contains liberal amounts of swearing etc.

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