Coding frontend isn't as much
"This wasn't invented here"
"This wasn't invented this week" 😂

I'm having a bit of a prune today. Nothing personal, my timeline just feels a bit overwhelming with the amount of things I've got coming through and I need to calm it down a little.

Any recommendations for an inexpensive gorilla-style smartphone tripod?

I think it's time we forked the web and make a better one.

Chrome is now hiding "trivial" subdomains in the URL bar (www[.]domain[.]com shows only domain[.]com ). This is plain wrong, and buggy as hell :/

I like buying music on Bandcamp. Mainly because the service seems to genuinely give a good deal to artists, but also because I get a little affirmation boost every time I read 'You own this' when listening to an album.

Not sure how I missed this when it came out a few weeks ago, but this is an awesome bit of vandalism/satire on those horrible facebook billboards

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First day of school in Tacoma canceled due to teachers strike.


Pay teachers better than politicians.

Here's a short video of my singing at a gig yesterday.

Allow for it to load fully / buffer or it'll be choppy.


I realise I might be breaking all sorts of Mastodon taboos by saying it, but I'm getting pretty fed up of people making statements that lump all cis white men into a single category of hatedness. I'm not denying there are some hateful people in that group (as there are in _any_ group), but language that judges an entire group as a single entity doesn't move anyone forward.

The awesome team over at Libreture ( have just launched a new free plan that gives you all the great features with 250Mb storage. Should be enough for a fairly small library and a good chance to try it out - it's ace!

Some #Friendica screenshots to give an idea of what it's like to use.

It features a familiar #Facebook-style timeline in the middle, an FB-style events system, and there's also groups (sort of).

If people want to switch from Facebook, this could be a really nice alternative for them once #ActivityPub is added.

It also works as a feed reader, you can "friend" RSS addresses and they then appear in your timeline as if they were users.


"The juice, man." This story rules. I miss the SF where weirdos did possibly-illegal stuff just because it was neat not because they could extract value at scale to hand back to VCs.

Have started getting up early and heading out running before work in the week now. I'm only on week 3, but I'm already pretty adjusted to it I think. I do feel a bit sharper at work for it, but the real benefit is the 'extra' hour I get with the family in the evening with the run already out of the way.

when you overexpose night photos and you have a lot of moon light and no artificial light you get pictures which look like they are taken on a sunny day - just with stars.
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I've just signed a petition to make European Citizenship permanent once gained, regardless of your nation's crazy choices. Not sure if it will be effective but seems like a good thing to support:

"Did you kill me because I am evil?" the man asked.
"You are not evil," said the unicorn."Oh. Good."
"Nobody is evil. Nobody is good." The unicorn shook the blood off its horn. "It is not being, it is doing. You? You chose to do evil."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I hold Bandcamp in particular in really high esteem, I love almost everything they do with their platform.

Their app is great, they have some of the best regular music writing on the internet, Bandcamp weekly is probably the best weekly music show out there, and the model of "Stream until you OUGHT to buy" is 👌


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