I've honestly never seen anything as astounding. Can't even begin to think how you'd go about piecing something like it together. I'm in awe.

Currently watching The Wolf House. Shaking my head at every frame, wondering 'how do they do that'. Amazing film, streaming live on the streaming room.

Can anyone recommend a hosted blogging platform that still allows for 'old school' RSS subscriptions (I.e., not a walled garden medium-type service). I can't afford the time or money to host my own service now so am looking for a sane hosted service to use for writing.

It's disappointing that the Bandcamp app doesn't seem to have any way to browse all new releases. I go to the desktop version of the site just to scroll through what's newest and wishlist anything that looks interesting to give a proper listen to later; this is one of the few at-home activities that hits the spot for lazy browsing like being at a record store or library, novelty of always having something brand new to see, and wishlisting satisfies the clicky part of online shopping.

Remember, a dog is not just for Christmas. If you slice it thinly enough you'll get enough to last you up to New Year's Eve.

Last three months have been a crazy time with work, glad I am getting a bit of time back to catch up with the mastodon timeline. Did I miss anything major?

Watching Blue My Mind on Shudder. Genuinely disturbing to work out where this film is heading - real feeling of horror building that I haven't seen in a film for a while.

If we don't believe in free expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

Someone mentioned spare ribs in passing 5 hours ago. With all the inevitability that night follows day, here i am now queuing at the local Chinese takeout.

I have part-time, remote, paid work on an open-source project for anyone who is proficient with both Rails and Tailwind CSS. Please boost for visibility.

Any heavy metal vocalists out there? I'm looking for someone who can do really gutteral doom metal growls. I'd like you to sing something and consent to me mangling up your vocals to heck with a computer.

I will pay for your services, but please let me know approximately how much you expect in payment.

Does anyone still use the term 'grok'? I used it when talking to some devs yesterday and they all looked at me like I was insane. Thinking about it later I'm not sure if it's because it's a term more favoured by free software types, or just that I'm really old.

There are few days that cannot be improved by liberal application of technical death metal #music #metal

Reminder to e-bookshops to include as much metadata in their e-books as possible!

Adding things like a Description to your books ensures they appear at their best on sites like Libreture. They're more likely to entice readers when they include a blurb.


Pain is not the unit of effort: You’re not trying your best if you’re not happy. radimentary.wordpress.com/2020

(I fully endorse this post, it is good.)

If I started a self-care IRC channel to discuss various aspects of self-care, would you be interested?

(Please boost.) Thanks!

#selfcare #meditation #stress

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