They say AI is going to revolutionize the world, and yet Google still needs my help identifying fire hydrants on a daily basis.

New Majestouch mechanical keyboard delivered today. Initial impressions very good, and so much nicer to type on than my old £5 PC World one.

Disappointed that it needs so much input from me to type well though - I thought it was supposed to mechanise the whole process for me. It's like the misunderstanding with my 'walking boots' all over again.

Current typing speed (according to 10fastfingers) is 29 wpm. This is considerably slower than my looking-at-the-keyboard speed, but I feel like I'm getting why it's worth sticking with now. It's a bit like speed reading in that you have to trust it and let go of thinking about the process; I always slow right down and make mistakes when I become aware of thinking about the keys.

You don't need the Adobe Cloud to make things. There is a plethora of powerful alternatives. Some are a fraction of the cost and other are free.

I can't get the National Rail website to display in grey no matter how hard I try.

Libreture doesn't care if your ebooks are "traditionally" published, are from a small indies press, or published by the author themselves. Doesn't need for an ISBN either.

You'll always be able to add your DRM-free ebooks, comics, magazines, or RPGs.

Added the very different Zeneca to my list of Goodreads alternatives.

I like the way Zeneca allows you to display your books and shelves, and really drives engagement by giving you the ability to quote-post and (I think) describe your shelves.

I've been working on a personal coding project this weekend, and I'm taking the opportunity to fully learn Vim as well as trying to crack touch typing. It's been a slow couple of days but I genuinely feel that an epiphany is happening.

Expect to see most of my toots end with :wqa for a little while.

I am trapped in a vim customisation hole. Send :help.

A reply to another thread had me looking up my first computer. A Z80-based Research Machines 380Z. Apparently you could max it out at 56K of RAM, and the basic price was around £3.5k. External storage allowed you to ramp it up with two 5.25" floppy drives.

I remember buying a floppy for £1 and being annoyed that I only used a little bit of the 75-or-so KB available.


Just discovered the Arrow on-demand service and am now enjoying some excellent 80's horror films. Blood Rage for starters, The Exterminator for pudding.

Writing tip: if you struggle to get started when you sit down to write, stop your previous writing in the middle of the sentence. It makes it muuuuuch easier to get going again. ^.^

Right, I'm going to try once and for all to get into touch typing. Tea towel thrown over the keyboard and I'm going all in.

Super-excited that I've bought my first gig ticket in over a year. Off to see Conan and Torpor at the Star and Garter in June!!

Listened to a bit of Radio 4 on the way to Tesco. Stats as follows:

Prince Philip mention level: critical

Sycophancy meter: defcon 1

A bagel with the hole almost entirely closed up. Breakfast nirvana.

Today, I’m 8 🎂

Today, wallabag v2 is 5 (

Just a toot to thank you to be here for so long 😘🎉

Just browsing Laravel jobs and noticed a fully remote role offering 'free parking' as a benefit. Well, duh?

I have an unexpected empty day this weekend. Time to dust off the IDE and do the long-overdue Laravel update ready to get Tasksapp back out and live.

Lots of changes planned around getting some of the org-mode way of working into the app. I am almost-seriously-I-think planning on moving to a less stressful job to free up the headspace I need to get focused on it.

What's the worst that could happen right?

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