Current typing speed (according to 10fastfingers) is 29 wpm. This is considerably slower than my looking-at-the-keyboard speed, but I feel like I'm getting why it's worth sticking with now. It's a bit like speed reading in that you have to trust it and let go of thinking about the process; I always slow right down and make mistakes when I become aware of thinking about the keys.

You don't need the Adobe Cloud to make things. There is a plethora of powerful alternatives. Some are a fraction of the cost and other are free.

I can't get the National Rail website to display in grey no matter how hard I try.

Libreture doesn't care if your ebooks are "traditionally" published, are from a small indies press, or published by the author themselves. Doesn't need for an ISBN either.

You'll always be able to add your DRM-free ebooks, comics, magazines, or RPGs.

Added the very different Zeneca to my list of Goodreads alternatives.

I like the way Zeneca allows you to display your books and shelves, and really drives engagement by giving you the ability to quote-post and (I think) describe your shelves.

I've been working on a personal coding project this weekend, and I'm taking the opportunity to fully learn Vim as well as trying to crack touch typing. It's been a slow couple of days but I genuinely feel that an epiphany is happening.

Expect to see most of my toots end with :wqa for a little while.

I am trapped in a vim customisation hole. Send :help.

A reply to another thread had me looking up my first computer. A Z80-based Research Machines 380Z. Apparently you could max it out at 56K of RAM, and the basic price was around £3.5k. External storage allowed you to ramp it up with two 5.25" floppy drives.

I remember buying a floppy for £1 and being annoyed that I only used a little bit of the 75-or-so KB available.


Just discovered the Arrow on-demand service and am now enjoying some excellent 80's horror films. Blood Rage for starters, The Exterminator for pudding.

Writing tip: if you struggle to get started when you sit down to write, stop your previous writing in the middle of the sentence. It makes it muuuuuch easier to get going again. ^.^

Right, I'm going to try once and for all to get into touch typing. Tea towel thrown over the keyboard and I'm going all in.

Super-excited that I've bought my first gig ticket in over a year. Off to see Conan and Torpor at the Star and Garter in June!!

Listened to a bit of Radio 4 on the way to Tesco. Stats as follows:

Prince Philip mention level: critical

Sycophancy meter: defcon 1

A bagel with the hole almost entirely closed up. Breakfast nirvana.

Today, I’m 8 🎂

Today, wallabag v2 is 5 (

Just a toot to thank you to be here for so long 😘🎉

Just browsing Laravel jobs and noticed a fully remote role offering 'free parking' as a benefit. Well, duh?

I have an unexpected empty day this weekend. Time to dust off the IDE and do the long-overdue Laravel update ready to get Tasksapp back out and live.

Lots of changes planned around getting some of the org-mode way of working into the app. I am almost-seriously-I-think planning on moving to a less stressful job to free up the headspace I need to get focused on it.

What's the worst that could happen right?

#fediversefleamarket Any UK folks want to buy my Pocket C.H.I.P.? Works fine, holds a charge etc. Just don't use it.

After a couple of months of occasional use, a flurry of writing activity last week has (I think) finally broken in my Pilot fountain pen to be a real delight to write with. Not quite as buttery smooth to write with as my ageing Pelikan, but I can write with it and not end up covered in ink. Which is nice.

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