With Microsoft adopting Chromium as the engine for Edge it's important for freedom-supporting folks to help prevent a monopoly. If you drifted away from Firefox over the years then now is a great time to come back! Lots has changed in the last 18 months so give it a try today (if you're not already using it).

@nigeldgreen speaking as one of those who switched to chrome and now back with Firefox, the latest Firefox versions are great.

@nigeldgreen and if you are not happy with some of the changes Quantum introduced (or rather disabled), there are Firefox forks like Waterfox – which maintain compatibility to things you need (like some "classic" addons which are impossible to achieve as WebExtension) while still pulling in "upstream updates" (eg. security patches). And kick out bloat like Pocket and Telemetry.

@nigeldgreen I wouldn't call Chromium a monopoly with Firefox and Webkit existing in the Open Source space. Honestly, Firefox just doesn't work for me but I would be willing to try it again if it can run web applications better and more securely.

@nigeldgreen Okay sure Chromium is pretty dominant but I really don't think Firefox is going away. I'm just glad all browsers are open source now! :)

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