If you have a dog, don't be a wuss, pick your pooches poop up!

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One thing I’ve learnt as I got older; rarely can you change other people, but you can yourself. I love where I live but many have no respect... if you ask @Royal_Greenwich@twitter.com council they’ll send you a kit to help support their limited teams. Something for the dog walks

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@dick_turpin I always do, it's very frustrating when other dog owners leave their crap everywhere. There was a path to the our big village park that was known as "dog-shit alley" because the problem was so bad. Occasionally residents would clear it up off their own backs because the council refused to do anything about it.

@stardot The other week I saw a guy pretending to look for one in his pocket while all the time hoping I would "Fook Off" I deliberately hung around looking at him until he could stand it no more. I said: "Do you need a pooh bag mate?" he made out he was desperately grateful but I could see he hated my guts with a vengeance. Bwahaha "Join the queue mate, it starts in New Zealand!"

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I noticed in our local park the other day that someone had bagged the poo and then left it tidily next to the gate on the way out. I always wonder what they think when they do that - "there, that'll make it easier for whoever it is that cleans the shit up to do their job".

And of course there's the joy of when the trees lose their leaves and the bare branches are decorated with thrown poo bags like it's Christmas...

@nigeldgreen @stardot For some reason they've removed all the dog pooh bins in our park and now you are supposed to deposit it with the rest of the litter. Sadly, these bins are dual purpose: Litter & Recycle so some lazy people fling the pooh bag in the wrong slot "Hello contamination"


@dick_turpin @stardot I noticed they'd done that here as well - wasn't really sure why

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