OpenStreetMap is not as great as Google Maps, but it works. Nextcloud is not as ubiquitous as Dropbox, but it works. Buying from shops rather than ordering everything from Amazon is less convenient, but it works. Small changes from many people over time can lead to big results.

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@nigeldgreen Whether Openstreetmap is worse/better really depends on your region. I've been in areas where google maps is practically non-existent, wrong or just incomplete, where openstreetmap has a lot more. Also in places where public data is used on top of crowd-sourced data you can depending on what you need get way more out of openstreetmap. Especially when going about on bicycle.

@nigeldgreen These things you mention, aren't worse. they're different.

While yes, sometimes individual actions can effect big changes, we're absolutely going to need collective action to get the systemic changes we absolutely need.

I cannot agree more! There are many things that make our lives more "convenient" that are not really necessary... Actually I think people have a limited interpretation of what "convenient" really means...

OSM is good round here. Someone has as put some work in on improvements... ;-)

And that's the point. If it needs improvement, you can do it.
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