Google Glass was an interesting case because it showed us people do care about privacy, but only when they feel it's violated.

They will give endless data on themselves and others including photos, video and location but they will outrage the moment they feel privacy is actually at risk - because someone has a camera on their face instead of their hands.

Facebook is actually very clever to obtain all this data without triggering this sensation for the average person.

People know.. but they do not *feel*.


@polychrome Lots of ordinary people I talk to are creeped out by the way ads follow them around the net. That’s something they feel. Even though it creeps them out, they’re sorta powerless to do anything about it.

@paco the ones I've talked with usually say they're creeped out but "gave up" or "made their peace with it". Which is just as saddening.

@paco The creepiest part is that they follow you on all user accounts that exist on a given computer.

Say, I use same computer with a relative or a friend. Each has their own account. However, if I search for something in particular or visited a dating site or something else, my fellow users on the same machine will see adverts for dating, buying stuff I've searched for etc. when they log in with their accounts.

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