Why so many people posts hiding the text or photo under a warning when there’s nothing NSFW? It’s so annoying that I have to hold to show the content. Stop doing that ✌️

@coes You’re new here. This is the place where we learn what sorts of things bother other people and we cover them up. Politics, spoilers, talk of hate crimes or abuse. There are others. There’s few strict rules.This is the place where someone sensitive to those things is safer. It’s not the hostile birdsite timeline that doesn’t care. This is the timeline where we care and do a bit to think about others. You don’t have to. But lots of us will.

@paco I strictly refer to that posts that hiding texts like “Hello” “I enjoy a coffee” an so on. It’s like some people like to play it. I’m not asking for dead bodies for free 😉


@coes Interesting. I don't see that. But I do see lots of people CW for stuff that wouldn't bother me. (e.g, "eye contact") Maybe people do play with it. :)

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