@vamp898 @paco Found around 12 sources embedded in the text as hyperlinks. Didn't yet check them though...

@vamp898 I don't think you follow what's going on here. "Reveal" is the name of the blog for an organisation called "The Center for Investigative Reporting" That org filed a lawsuit to make Facebook reveal documentation. So this blog is written by THEM about the law suit THEY participated in. All the links are to legal documents that were released as a result of their law suit. It's first-person journalism. Not sure what more sourcing you want. Did you follow any of the links?

Well the thing is, its just a person on the internet.

He can write whatever he wants. If i create a website called "The Real Journalism" and i just post random shit about how every company with influence is cheating on us, im sure there are enough people blindly following me.

@vamp898 I can't believe that you've read the article or followed any of the links. Those are court documents. Not opinions. Those are actual disclosures from Facebook that were legally compelled by the US courts. He didn't say things randomly. He literally quoted Facebook employees from transcripts provided by Facebook itself. It's not some random guy.

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