I was already disillusioned by the falseness of internet connections before Facebook began, and as IRC and Fora declined due to the mass move to Facebook, I tried it and decided against it.
I never joined birdsite either.
Masto drew me in at a time when I was involved in a traumatic change at work that I was unable to discuss with anyone but a few who knew about it.
It allowed me to vent to total strangers, but now that is over, I'm still here.

@wyliecoyoteuk Sounds like your needs were totally different. For me, there's no one I am connected to on Facebook that I have not met in real life. In fact, the people I'm connected to on Facebook generally are people who, if I happened to be in their town, I would be rude if I didn't see them. It was great because we're all so separated, but we want to keep in touch. Eventually Facebook pivoted and made it about itself instead of about its users. You didn't have that experience.

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