I'm searching cars on carmax. I can search by number of cylinders in the engine (which I am surprised anyone searches by), but I cannot find a way to search by "number of asses I can sit in this car at the same time." Number of seats or number of people that can be seated isn't an option I can find!

@paco you’re just expected to know how many chairs each species of car has I guess

@paco oh wait it’s way harder, because some flavors of America’s #1 car, the F-150 (pictured), have 2, 4, or more seatbelts

@bonzoesc Yeah. I'm kinda shocked that this isn't a standard feature. I mean, here's an agile story:
"as a car shopper, i'd like to search for cars with a certain number of seats, so I can tell if my fucking family fits in it!"

Dark humour 

Number of possible asses isn't the same as number of possible people.
If you cut them off the bodies you can fit more of them!

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