If anyone is just starting on / and wants a few million units, I can save you the grind. I’ve got a few hundred fusion igniters worth like 15.8M each. No Man’s bugs.

@Sharkiebeeps I got it on day one and despaired on day two. I routinely go months between playing. (I loaded a game this weekend that was last saved 25 Dec 2018). They've made something amazing now, but the scars remain. We've found so many item duplication bugs in multiplayer. I routinely have over 1Bn units.

@paco I bought a ship and my old one fazed out of the space station that was my favourite bug so far



@Sharkiebeeps That's awesome. When they redid base building, I logged in to find my base floating a 100 meters in the air. I had to build this massive ramp down to the ground. Can't find the screenshot... Only funny thing I posted was on reddit: reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/

@paco love it Paco! man I must get the game for both my Xbox and PlayStation again miss hours of exploring and jamming out to some Lo-Fi House

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