One thing I'm noticing in America is that I'm having trouble finding:
• Beer flavoured beer
• Coffee flavoured coffee
• Jeans that look like jeans
• Cheese flavoured cheese. Well, cheese generally

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You can't reinvent the wheel and make it square.

@paco With you except the jeans part. They come from there! Do Levi's not look like jeans?

@clacke you’d be surprised what they do to jeans today. Rips, baggy crotch, pockets on the back of the legs instead of on the butt. My parents wouldn’t recognise these as jeans

@paco @clacke

I remember back during the grunge era someone asking me how I got my jeans "like that" very faded and worn.

"I wore them for 15 years" I said. "Oh," they replied, thinking no doubt that was since they were 6 years old. lol!

Can't beat their burger-flavored burgers though.

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