I ordered glasses from a local optician. $330. Nearly 4 weeks later they haven't arrived. It's a comedy of errors. In the meantime I discovered an online shop that does really great service and has a huge variety of frames from $10 on up. Finally I just cancelled my order. They offered to make me a free pair of sunglasses as compensation. But with a $330 refund I could buy glasses AND sunglasses online with money leftover. Last time I try to buy from a brick-and-mortar optician, sadly.

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@paco I've been using Zenni for a couple years, slightly poorer build quality than you might be used to, but at the price it's hard to say no.

@jaz Yeah. I looked at Zenni last night. They offer the 'ditto' video virtual try-on. Super useful. (Eyebuydirect had it a month ago, but doesn't have it now) Framesdirect sells premium frames ($50-$200), but has NO virtual try-on. Not even the face-front paste the glasses on a photo version. Talk about backwards...

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