All my neighbours in the US are surprised I spend so much effort wiring the network. I have an 8-port gigabit switch in my entertainment centre that's full:
1. uplink
2. music mac pro (wired only)
3. my office ethernet switch
4. PS4
5. apple TV
6. NAS
7. VM PC
8. Something else, i forget.

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In my old house I had over 30, with 3 people. devices
I used to do network audits, and tracking down each device was sometimes difficult.
In Cornwall, I no longer need the security cameras or the burglar alarm.
Currently running 26, which includes 2 VMs, on Ethernet and wifi.
I have a 5 port router, and a 5 port gigabit switch, plus a pair of gigabit powerline adaptors, 1 with a 3 port switch.
The main bit of Ethernet I addedwas a link from the cloakroom in the hall to the living room,

@wyliecoyoteuk the one thing about US houses is that they're made of paper and sticks. WiFi reaches everywhere trivially. In the Uk I had lots of wire because wifi didn't work well. Here, lots of people get lazy because wifi is so easy.

In my old house, I had to run Ethernet everywhere because even the internal walls were solid brick.
My newly built house is wood frame with internal stud walls, and only one story, so Wifi is easy.

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