@BalooUriza Yeah. I'm relaxing now. But it was just one of those days where everything had a special little screw up that made it worse than usual.

@paco Yeah, I feel like that's been happening since March for me.

@BalooUriza It's funny. March seemed to last forever. And then what happened to April? It just disappeared.

@paco Yeah, along with my vacation plans. #WN2020 got punted to 2021. Spent a week cooped up in the house.

@BalooUriza :( Mine too. Had a summer trip to Europe planned. Funny thing is that I kinda didn't want to go. Kinda wanted to chill here. But had set the family's expectations. So I woulda gone. Only a little sad that I don't get to go.

@paco Now I'm legitimately curious which convention will go down as the world's largest outdoor #furry convention this year; #WN2020 was likely to be it, but now depending on how things play out, it might be Camp Feral or even Furry Retreat.

@paco Possibly. Furry Retreat is either going to be the last week of October or the first week of November and is usually the last nice weekend of the summer here. It's the latest outdoor furry con worldwide this year so there's a chance it wins this year, and it usually only draws around 30.

@BalooUriza Yeah, that sounds like it has a chance of happening. So much disrupted...

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