I've got a cute embedded device. It used to be a "UK TV Everywhere" box. (They went out of business). It seems to be about the equivalent of a raspberry pi with HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. Anybody have suggestions on how I might get single-user mode and somehow get into this thing and repurpose it as a general little computing device?


It’s a MAG324 IPTV device from Infomir. I have reflashed it. Now I have to figure out how to ssh into it. Want to turn it into a more general device.

@paco Did you try and find out if you could find any schematics of the board? If so, you could easily find out if the board has UART. Then just connect it to your PC and hope for the best

@xvilo I found a way to download a factory flash on it. There’s a standard root ssh to it. But the board I have is a MAG325, not a 324, and the 5 is for security. :) it is more locked down and doesn’t have ssh enabled. I’m gonna spend more time and try to flash it into a development mode.

@paco @xvilo could you investigate or possibly modify the image that is flashed on to it? Probably a cramfs image in there somewhere.

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