Anybody wondering about the US elections from an election official's point of view, feel free to ask me questions. I served on Tuesday and I've been doing it a while. I can speak with authority on what we do in Virginia, and I have a good idea what happens elsewhere.

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@xvilo no. It’s really hard. At worst there are people coming in saying “I’m joe smith” when they aren’t. But that requires knowing that Joe smith votes in this precinct, knowing Joe Smith didn’t vote already, presenting ID that says “Joe Smith”, and knowing the real Joe Smith’s address. If all that is true, you can now cast a single fraudulent vote. Doing that at scale? Enough to sway an election? No way.

@xvilo are there corrupt election officials arbitrarily changing vote tallies? Probably not. Everything is observed. Everything is done in the open with lots of process and checking. We’ve been doing voting for hundreds of years with people much less obedient that we had to deal with. The system works.

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