I've been running iRedMail for my mail server for a while. Running your own mail server is a lot of work, if you do it right. But I think iRedMail makes it about as easy (and free) as possible.

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@paco I've run mu own email server for 21 years now, and it has gotten much easier over that time (dare I say a Mastodon instance is more difficult to run?)

The most work doesn't seem to be the email server itself or even the spam filtering...the most work is jumping through DNS and relay hoops to get Gmail and to accept email from your server. Google and Microsoft both throw up a lot of artificial gatekeeping in the name of spam control to maintain their market share.

@msh Yeah, me too. I registered in 1995 and have run email on it since then. Not only do we have the hamster-wheel of DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc. We also have individual providers (e.g., AT&T, AOL/Yahoo, Verizon) just deciding to put my IP on some mysterious blacklist, with an opaque/slow process to get them to fix it.

@msh I'm sympathetic to some of these blacklists, but others are a bit ridiculous. I ran on an AWS EC2 instance for a few years, and it's IP came from a /8 allocated to Amazon. So some blacklists, if they get anything in that entire /8 that looks spammy, will look up the netblock and mark everything spammy. Their excuse is "Amazon should police it better." Sigh.

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