How to survive the global heatwave.

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@paco i think like three of the five biggest oil companies are owned by states.
@paco @paco you're a gay nigger who wouldn't understand the shituation if it bit you in the face.
@paco *takes chart that only goes back 10000 years*
"It's the hottest year in the Earth's history!!!!"
*ignores the time of the dinosaurs when there was no humans but it was hotter*
"Humans are the only thing changing the weather! Trust the science!"

@rdr doesn’t matter whether it has been hotter before if it becomes hot enough to kill us all now. It’s been colder before too. So what? The question isn’t whether it’s the hottest earth has ever been. The question is whether we can survive it being as hot as it definitely is gonna get.

@paco then kill yourself. think of how much carbon we'd save if all you that believe in Climatism just necked yourself. Do the right thing. For the planet. If you keep living, you don't care about the planet.
@rdr @paco "Just go back to pre-industrial levels of technology and hope other countries/societies won't fuck you up if you ask nicely"

@rdr why do you bother to write this shit? Nobody cares how big a dick you can be to random strangers on the internet. And nobody is listening to you if you’re being a dick to them. You didn’t need to say anything in the first place.

@paco it's a valid suggestion. Please calculate how much carbon you create. If you think humans are a cancer on the planet, be your own chemotherapy.
@s8n @paco
8.02 TONS per year, PER ISRAELI.

If they all got pushed into the sea and the land repopulated by Africans, we could save the planet.
@paco Fucking faggot

You think the non-"capitalist" class is able to afford electric cars?
@paco How does this help when the mere production of electric cars requires more intensive mining and processing than before and until recently they were shutting down viable electric power plants ("renewables" are not viable and are even more oil intensive to produce than nuclear (which is viable) or coal)? So that if you were to have an electric car you might be screwed if there're rolling blackouts. California's experiencing that.

Most of the "fossil fuel industry" you were brainwashed to hate are all in on electric vehicles and pushing renewables.
@paco Get out of my feed you commie nigger faggot.
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