That's quite sad.

I often see people complaining publicly about Mastodon development here, but I almost never see people thanking @Gargron and contributors for the work they're doing.
I'm sure most people have more positive feedback than negative to make but don't.

Mastodon might have its problems but it's still a great piece of software.

Send some love to Gargron and others.
Or contribute. This is free software, you know.


@TheKinrar The way you know it has reached the masses is when you get the full range of personalities here. If there are only like thinking people, then it is insular, not popular. And for the vast majority of the world, saying “it’s free software you can contribute” is like saying “The skies are free, get your plane and fly.” The number of people qualified to code into this is infinitesimally small. Don’t make the majority feel guilty making it sound artificially easy.

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