Btw, I made a spicy chilli chutney that was awesome. I followed this recipe, but the second time I did it I just parboiled the chillis. They don’t have enough flesh to peel if you brook them.

My pepper harvest is pretty good. Most of these are llasa peppers. Fairly spicy. I also have some sweet banana peppers. Those are mild (like bell pepper). Anybody have recipes or ideas? Chilli paste? Sauce, salsa? Chutney?

My neighbours rented 5 goats for a day to clear part of their yard. Because of course you can rent goats.

It is funniest when you set your first, middle, and last name to hahahaha.

I've got a cute embedded device. It used to be a "UK TV Everywhere" box. (They went out of business). It seems to be about the equivalent of a raspberry pi with HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. Anybody have suggestions on how I might get single-user mode and somehow get into this thing and repurpose it as a general little computing device?

Here's an idea I don't think we will see proposed again for a very long time... training on a cruise ship!

Paying workers anything higher than a shamefully low wage and keeping the place clean enough that they don’t all get sick was too expensive. So we are shutting the business down.

Thought I'd go take a look at something at Advertise much?

Enjoying an American breakfast food that simply doesn’t exist in Europe: hominy grits!

We had leftover Christmas crackers as we were cleaning up. So I have a 12th night crown.

It’s hard to find panto in the US, but not impossible. It’s not Christmas without panto.

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