I need to play 2 more minutes of Ashe on so that is my least played hero. If you don’t understand how much I hate Hanzo, I wrote a song about it. youtu.be/hBfEDrf79Yk

Amused by this spam. I don't know enough about the . Is it even reasonable that someone who describes themselves as an "Army nurse" would hold the rank of "Major"? That sounds like a very high rank for a very low-level position. Never mind how this Army nurse came into possession of lots of money she wants to share with me... :)

β€œThe Gherkin” is one of London’s iconic buildings. The street it’s on has a strange name: β€œSt Mary Axe”. I always wondered where that name came from. This blog lays it all out. β€œLondon’s lost church of the 11000 virgins!”


@pacohope: I was streaming music from and browsing . Suddenly the music stopped. Why? A fucking . It loaded as I scrolled up the page. Fuck ads. Makes me so mad. There’s no screen and I’m not hearing anything. Someone is getting paid for nothing, too.

I use a β€œblack eye” brand clip-on macro lens to do with my 6S and the stock camera app. This lens does some good stuff. Some ornaments.

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