I've got a cute embedded device. It used to be a "UK TV Everywhere" box. (They went out of business). It seems to be about the equivalent of a raspberry pi with HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. Anybody have suggestions on how I might get single-user mode and somehow get into this thing and repurpose it as a general little computing device?

Here's an idea I don't think we will see proposed again for a very long time... training on a cruise ship!

Paying workers anything higher than a shamefully low wage and keeping the place clean enough that they don’t all get sick was too expensive. So we are shutting the business down.


Thought I'd go take a look at something at logitech.com. Advertise much?

Enjoying an American breakfast food that simply doesn’t exist in Europe: hominy grits!

We had leftover Christmas crackers as we were cleaning up. So I have a 12th night crown.

It’s hard to find panto in the US, but not impossible. It’s not Christmas without panto.

This is the perfect metaphor for the year 2020. I’m taping cat-6 cable to the existing coaxial cable tv wiring and using it to pull cat-6 throughout the house. Throwing away coaxial garbage and replacing with general purpose Ethernet.

In an effort to cut down on waste at the , we are using fabric, which we will gather up and reuse at birthdays, and future holidays. Sometimes I’m just wrapping a flat sheet of fabric. But one of my recipients is getting 3 Paul Garmirian . So I hand-made a custom cigar wrap from cloth.

This set of youtube recommendations is really puzzling because they're "recommended for you". But they are comforting. It suggests that YouTube knows little to nothing about me, which is the goal. I was signed into YouTube at the time I saw these recommendations.

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