Taught my 15yo son to solder headers on to boards so we could reflash them with open source firmware. It’s an iFan03 for use w Home Assistant and Tasmota.

Someone created an account using my gmail account on a service that I don't use. In an effort to get that account deleted, the online service went completely clownshoes and disclosed someone ELSE's personal details to me.

I'm figuring out and i just got a iFan03 working with Home Assistant (). I blogged about it, including wiring diagrams. I found that to be the hardest part when I was just getting started.


One of the perks of working for Amazon, I guess. They had a vaccine event at a nearby fulfilment centre and I could get my son vaccinated there. Super easy and had appointments 7 days a week with pre-booked 2nd dose.

I made a very small change to this web page. See if you can spot it. I just made it a bit clearer.

I somehow don't think this person has read my blog. If you think that my blog on has something to do with homeowners insurance, that's ridiculous.

Can we just admit that "special gift guide" is little more than advertisements elbowing out the content that I pay a subscription for? And it's either paid advertisements that are masquerading as spontaneous "news" about products for me to buy, or it's unpaid advertisements. And we don't free adverts that in an online world already overrun with adverts.

I'm amused that my blog post "Cosmic Rays Did Not Change Election Results" got a lot of hits in November 2020. :) blog.paco.to/2017/cosmic-rays-

I had a PC that, for various reasons didn't sync time for a while. I fixed the reasons and it synchronised with a time server. It doesn't surprise me that error logs get some timestamps wrong. But you'd think that the TIME part of settings would get this right.

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

Added a new key to my keyboard. I’ve had this for years and only just found it.

Slack has so many great corporate features. Surely everyone is excited to see this when they login.

Btw, I made a spicy chilli chutney that was awesome. I followed this recipe, but the second time I did it I just parboiled the chillis. They don’t have enough flesh to peel if you brook them. jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegeta

My pepper harvest is pretty good. Most of these are llasa peppers. Fairly spicy. I also have some sweet banana peppers. Those are mild (like bell pepper). Anybody have recipes or ideas? Chilli paste? Sauce, salsa? Chutney?

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