I discovered that I am one-notch-above-normal years old today. This actually made my life much nicer on my desktop screens at home.

β€œVolo’s guide to monsters” looks too much like β€œYOLO”. 😜 I keep thinking that’s what it is. β€œHey look: an ancient red dragon! YOLO!”

I tried to tell the app that I did not want to set a β€œdisplay name.” It wouldn’t let me finish the registration without setting one. I like the result.

Amused by this spam. I don't know enough about the . Is it even reasonable that someone who describes themselves as an "Army nurse" would hold the rank of "Major"? That sounds like a very high rank for a very low-level position. Never mind how this Army nurse came into possession of lots of money she wants to share with me... :)

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