It drives me crazy that ZD can write a story entitled " camera detects and identifies shooters" ( and give some breathless quote from a school official (who knows nothing about AI) and they don't include a reference to the article from ONE YEAR ago "That turtle is a gun! MIT scientists highlight major flaw in " (

If you’re in and you like , the summit is next week. You can find me lurking anywhere is discussed. Like the “Security Jam” on Wednesday and the “Security Risk and Compliance” booth on Thursday.

If you're in and you're coming to the summit on 9 May 2018, I leading the jam. It's hands-on, gamified environmetn for learning security services on AWS. It's a ton of fun and you learn a lot. It's also free, but space is limited and registration is required. Wanna learn security? This is the place.

‪Quite surprised to see that my customer leaves their in the hallway like this. I raised a ticket with corporate . (Zoom in)‬

The problems with "Otto" seem huge and obvious. I just don't understand how stuff like this gets going.
• "The lock incorporates a custom-made system."
• "It can also be unlocked manually by inputting a 4 digit entry code"

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