@pcrock Yeah. I work for one of the clouds, so I have opinions. :) Having said that, I don't share my fitness data with these firms or my doorbell access, or my thermostat readings, or my lightbulb controls. For running "servers" and services, cloud is better than data centres. But the key question is what companies do with data and what control they grant their users over their data. That's controlled by the company running the app/service, whether they use cloud resources or not.

@pcrock You know what would be an interesting question? Look at all the breaches that go into something like haveibeenpwned and figure out how many of those were cloud and how many were on-prem. The problem with Fitbit would be IDENTICAL if Fitbit ran in data centres. Google has bought the data and now owns it no matter where it resides. My concern is not that it "lives in the cloud", but rather that it is owned by Google and can be used by them.

@janellecshane Just heard you on Marketplace! Wow. Nice work. Somehow missed that you have written a book. Gonna go acquire it. I love your work and have spent many minutes laughing at your results (the ones that are supposed to be funny ๐Ÿ˜œ) Congratulations on the book and the good coverage.

@jaz Yeah. I looked at Zenni last night. They offer the 'ditto' video virtual try-on. Super useful. (Eyebuydirect had it a month ago, but doesn't have it now) Framesdirect sells premium frames ($50-$200), but has NO virtual try-on. Not even the face-front paste the glasses on a photo version. Talk about backwards...

@hcs@pleroma.site Constantly. My podcast app has a "skip silences" feature, too. Saves a TON of time. Occasionally you get people who mumble and they get clipped a bit. Stat I recall is that fluent people read around 300 words per minute, but the average articulating speaker speaks around 100-120 wpm. So to me it feels SO SLOW to take information in verbally. It's less than 50% the information per minute.

I ordered glasses from a local optician. $330. Nearly 4 weeks later they haven't arrived. It's a comedy of errors. In the meantime I discovered an online shop that does really great service and has a huge variety of frames from $10 on up. Finally I just cancelled my order. They offered to make me a free pair of sunglasses as compensation. But with a $330 refund I could buy glasses AND sunglasses online with money leftover. Last time I try to buy from a brick-and-mortar optician, sadly.

Just got an email from a colleague in the Netherlands. His email signs off with "Brgds / Met vriendelijke groet". It amuses me that he abbreviates "Best Regards" but he's happy to write out "Met vriendelijke groet"

Google Buys Fitbit for $2.1B


I regret buying a Fitbit device. Not only does it kinda suck but now the data it collected on me is going to change hands as well.

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