Btw, I made a spicy chilli chutney that was awesome. I followed this recipe, but the second time I did it I just parboiled the chillis. They don’t have enough flesh to peel if you brook them.

My pepper harvest is pretty good. Most of these are llasa peppers. Fairly spicy. I also have some sweet banana peppers. Those are mild (like bell pepper). Anybody have recipes or ideas? Chilli paste? Sauce, salsa? Chutney?

New PS4 game “Fall Guys” is cute. I got it free for my PS Plus subscription. It’s worth the money I paid. :)

My neighbours rented 5 goats for a day to clear part of their yard. Because of course you can rent goats.

Kids today have not experienced the TV picture going staticky when a parent turns on the vacuum cleaner.

@e8johan So many people replying with stuff not exactly on target of your question (like me). How many people have some anacronistic "think of the environment" message at the bottom of their emails, with a 3Kb picture of a tree? What does that add to the storage, network, and processing costs of technology over the lifetime of that stupid signature line? Does it save more energy than the number of emails that might have been printed otherwise?

is one of those activities that doesn't really change or feel really different in the . You keep to yourself and don't really get near other people.

SpaceBear is a managed hosting service that makes it easier to create your own PixelFed, Mastodon, PeerTube or HomeTown instance.

Managed hosting means SpaceBear takes care of the technical stuff, while you own and manage the instance.

You can follow SpaceBear at:

➡️ @support

Their website is at

(HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which includes support for non-federated posts.)

#SpaceBear #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #HomeTown #Hosting #Fediverse #ManagedHosting

The game ERICA is free on PS+ this month. A bit of a graphic horror film with a bit of choose your own adventure. Many different endings supposedly. Gonna do my second play through. Takes a couple hours. There’s no shortcuts either. Kinda interesting. I avoided everything obvious the first time through. I suppose I might eventually do them.

Anybody out there have recommendations on how to make a Zork-like game or a MUD? I found Evennia, which seems alive and active. Any other ideas? I have a teenage son who wants to make something. So it doesn't need to be super powerful or complex.

Are these pop-tarts mermaid flavored?

If you ask me, mermaid fishing should be illegal.

It is funniest when you set your first, middle, and last name to hahahaha.

@zatnosk no. My point is that when I have a very small task to do, sifting through 10K of comments that serve as documentation is not helpful at all. I was reacting to the idea of all config files carrying copious documentation. There are some packages out there like that, and it’s less helpful than you might think.

@zatnosk I dunno. I’ve used systems where every config file is like 10K of comments and I only need to I comment 3 lines. Drives me crazy.

@xvilo I found a way to download a factory flash on it. There’s a standard root ssh to it. But the board I have is a MAG325, not a 324, and the 5 is for security. :) it is more locked down and doesn’t have ssh enabled. I’m gonna spend more time and try to flash it into a development mode.

It’s a MAG324 IPTV device from Infomir. I have reflashed it. Now I have to figure out how to ssh into it. Want to turn it into a more general device.

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