Any of my mastofam gonna be in today for the march? This will be my only open toot about it. I’ll CW everything else.

I’ve heard that you can use guns to damage enemies in . I’ve tried a few times. Haven’t managed it yet. I am SO bad at this game

I discovered that I am one-notch-above-normal years old today. This actually made my life much nicer on my desktop screens at home.

@ash Your intro reminds me of something my 11th grade English teacher said offhand one day: "An idealist is just a larval cynic". I took that as a challenge and I try to be a real idealist and not a cynic at all as much as I can.

Anyways: welcome!

For what might be the first time, I took the correct train from Schiphol airport and went straight to my destination. I'm fine with trains. I use them in the UK, Germany, Spain. I don't make a ton of mistakes. But something is broken in my brain in Amsterdam. I get the wrong train out of Schiphol every time. I don't use the trams because I'm so convinced I will screw it up.

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