@yetiops @rysiek I run some FreeBSD VMs and want to use Ansible to manage them. I can’t find a getting started repo to clone. Something where it’s got some basic rc.conf stuff in a playbook and some basic package inventories and such. All the docs seem to start me from a blank sheet of paper. Is there a basic demo repo somewhere to get started?

@Edent I agree entirely. It bit me once. I was signing up for a mobile phone plan in the UK. I gave accurate billing details (name, address) but they asked for my birthdate. I gave a fake one. Why does my mobile phone company need my birthday? Well, they do a credit check. They declined the online application and I had to call in and talk to a human to straighten it out.

headline: "we're not prepared for the end of moore's law"

buddy, we weren't prepared for the beginning of moore's law, we weren't prepared for the middle of moore's law, what made you think

Hey, I ask again: do I know any copywriters who do web copy?

Some time ago, I posted why I never watch TV news. At the bottom of the blog it says "Got any reasons to watch TV news? let me know in the comments." Until now there was no way to comment. :) So now you can. blog.paco.to/2014/why-watch-tv

OH: "He thinks the 'dark web' is just night mode."

@dredmorbius @natecull Sitting in a hotel in Texas this morning. All the news is about the Iowa caucuses. The actual story is that we don’t know the results. So the story is that the information doesn’t exist yet. So we have nonstop, wall-to-wall syllables about the fact that it doesn’t exist. There’s literally no information (about the process, the failures or about the results) and they can’t stop talking....

It’s 2020.

It’s easier than ever to have your own site.

If you want help, e-mail me at yo@jacky.wtf or just reply and I’ll help.

It’s super evident that platforms that exist aren’t going to help you out. So let’s stop sharecropping on platforms that harms us and our own. (v2.jacky.wtf/post/9368a4f7-395)

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