@zatnosk no. My point is that when I have a very small task to do, sifting through 10K of comments that serve as documentation is not helpful at all. I was reacting to the idea of all config files carrying copious documentation. There are some packages out there like that, and it’s less helpful than you might think.

@zatnosk I dunno. I’ve used systems where every config file is like 10K of comments and I only need to I comment 3 lines. Drives me crazy.

@xvilo I found a way to download a factory flash on it. There’s a standard root ssh to it. But the board I have is a MAG325, not a 324, and the 5 is for security. :) it is more locked down and doesn’t have ssh enabled. I’m gonna spend more time and try to flash it into a development mode.

It’s a MAG324 IPTV device from Infomir. I have reflashed it. Now I have to figure out how to ssh into it. Want to turn it into a more general device.

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I've got a cute embedded device. It used to be a "UK TV Everywhere" box. (They went out of business). It seems to be about the equivalent of a raspberry pi with HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. Anybody have suggestions on how I might get single-user mode and somehow get into this thing and repurpose it as a general little computing device?

So if you want to work around list-style-position being broken for 20 years, do this: hide the standard list counters, use a custom counter, and set it to display in the ::before pseudo-element of your header. That provides the same effect.


ol {
counter-reset: index;

ol li {
counter-increment: index;
list-style-type: none;

ol li h3::before {
content: counter(index) '. ';

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Simply put, more than or all the other things I usually toot about. I did a little bit this weekend to help. Trump sent me $2500 I didn't need in the CARES Act. I've given every last cent of it to people he wouldn't have given it to, and who need it more than I do. blog.paco.to/2020/black-lives-

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Do not post a corporate statement of solidarity with Black Lives Matter unless it comes with a check to help the people who are doing the work.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/franklinleonard/st

Earlier today, I wanted to help the in because . A number of people are matching donations. So far about 5 of us have done matches. We've committed about $15,000. I put up $2500 (exactly how much the IRS sent me from the CARES Act) and it was gone in about an hour. If you're interested in having an impact, hit up _K_E_L_S_E_Y on Twitter. She's got more people matching: twitter.com/_K_E_L_S_E_Y/statu

One of my most popular blog posts (near the top if you search for "I Hate Lego") is this one. I've updated it in 2020 and created this thread in case people want to comment on it. blog.paco.to/2012/6-reasons-wh

Here's an idea I don't think we will see proposed again for a very long time... training on a cruise ship!

Paying workers anything higher than a shamefully low wage and keeping the place clean enough that they don’t all get sick was too expensive. So we are shutting the business down.


In case you know people who don’t want to wear masks in public, here’s a handy web site you can send them to. shouldyouwearamask.com/

@rrix I get it. But maybe my client screwed up. I ended up at a generic google translate page. Not a translated version of the article

@rrix I’m interested in the article, but the link is to google translate.

Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

@BalooUriza Yeah, that sounds like it has a chance of happening. So much disrupted...

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