@kusuriya I’m still nursing my iPhone 6. I looked recently and don’t think I will go farther than an 8. FaceID sucks. TouchID is awesome

I plugged in my 1 that I bought on day 1 in June 2007. It runs iOS 3. The App Store STILL has apps for it. Can you believe that? Go find an Android phone from 2007 and see what love Google is willing to give it.

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BSidesVienna CFP deadline: November 4 2019 for November 30 2019 conference. See bsidesvienna.at/

@fitheach At the time I was living in London and thinking everything is better together. UK with Scotland, EU with UK. Having watched the English railroad the Scots and fuck over the Irish in Brexit, I’m starting to think maybe the English need a little time to themselves. Maybe in the future I’ll trade in my British passport for a Scottish one.

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@Sharkiebeeps That's awesome. When they redid base building, I logged in to find my base floating a 100 meters in the air. I had to build this massive ramp down to the ground. Can't find the screenshot... Only funny thing I posted was on reddit: reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/

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@Sharkiebeeps I got it on day one and despaired on day two. I routinely go months between playing. (I loaded a game this weekend that was last saved 25 Dec 2018). They've made something amazing now, but the scars remain. We've found so many item duplication bugs in multiplayer. I routinely have over 1Bn units.

OMFG I just went to buy something using PayPal.
1. They didn't have a credit card on file. Fine. I'll add one. I get an error.
2. They recommend chat with support. Fine. I wait 10 minutes for support drone.
3. Support drone needs to authenticate me. Wants a mobile phone number. The one they have is out of date. He gives me a phone number to call.
4. I use Skype to dial the phone. I copy/paste the CC number to the voice response system. Poof! Works like a charm.

This makes no sense.

If anyone is just starting on / and wants a few million units, I can save you the grind. I’ve got a few hundred fusion igniters worth like 15.8M each. No Man’s bugs.

"Austerity is the idea that the global financial crash of 2008 was caused by there being too many libraries in Wolverhampton."
Alexei Sayle

#politics #austerity

@fitheach @kensanata @tsturm Back in March, when the original deadline came, I had 4 weeks of food stocked in my garage in my house in the London suburbs. I’ve since moved back to the US. I knew a ton of Europeans who were uncertain about what would happen; they moved back to Europe. Once these bitter English people are all alone and isolated, they’ll blame others for Brexit’s failure and won’t understand why it all went to hell.

There is a site on the internet for everything. I discovered unicornonesies.com. I may or may not have made a purchase

Marketing math. Making mac and cheese in 10 minutes:
1. Boil 6 cups of water (takes 0 minutes)
2. Cook pasta 9-11 minutes (takes 9 minutes, even if you boil for 11 minutes)
3. Drain pasta (0 seconds because you multitask)
4. Add butter and stir (30 seconds)
5. Add pasta back to pan and stir (30 seconds)

Amazing how this is in any way β€œin 10 minutes”

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