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"How should I start here on Mastodon??"
--> "Just post some pic of cat. People love cats."
Truth or not? πŸ€”


@swirlz sure. As does β€œmofo”, it’s more well-known cousin. I bring that up because you may not have ever visited It is unironically an elite Washington DC and international law firm.

I listen to spotify a lot because it helps me discover new music. But I also have a pretty sizeable collection of CDs ripped and other MP3s. I don't have a good way to do both. I can't drop my MP3s into spotify, and I can't mix spotify tracks into an MP3 playlist. Anyone have solutions to getting the best of both?

Music takes a high priority in my brain. So much so that I cannot listen to new music and read a new document at the same time. If I need to read and work, I can only listen to music that I am familiar with.

Attn: US citizens living outside of the US 

Protest Saturday / Iran 

@wyliecoyoteuk the one thing about US houses is that they're made of paper and sticks. WiFi reaches everywhere trivially. In the Uk I had lots of wire because wifi didn't work well. Here, lots of people get lazy because wifi is so easy.

All my neighbours in the US are surprised I spend so much effort wiring the network. I have an 8-port gigabit switch in my entertainment centre that's full:
1. uplink
2. music mac pro (wired only)
3. my office ethernet switch
4. PS4
5. apple TV
6. NAS
7. VM PC
8. Something else, i forget.

In three hours and 12 minutes the east coast will step in to the yawning portal of the roaring twenties. All music other than early jazz, blues, and "old times" music will cease to exist. All women will become flappers. All men, liquor bootleggers.

The time is nigh. The time is nigh.

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