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I recommend iRedMail to people who want to self-host their email. It handles lots and lots of stuff. DKIM, mailing lists, database-backed addresses and domains, etc. But don’t kid yourself. It’s hard. So many things to manage:
β€’ DNS
β€’ spam filtering
β€’ email scanning/virus scanning
β€’ a database server
β€’ inbox protocols (e.g. imap and exchange)
β€’ web mail (with a web server)
β€’ TLS (maintaining the certificate and integrating it with all the various services)
β€’ OS-level maintenance/backup, etc.

I'm upgrading dovecot, sieve, mlmmj, and half the house of cards that is my email server...

The fixes for spectre and meltdown have just ruined the performance on my cheap Dell workstation that I use as my xen server. Compiling various bits from scratch is painfully slow.

This is all in anticipation of migrating to AWS where the hardware issues will never be my problem again.

Everything is fake. We supposedly tolerate ads because they β€œpay for free things”. We supposedly tolerate surveillance and tracking and such because it makes things free. But it’s fake. It’s not even real. So why do we put up with it?

I was poking around crowdcube because I had to login and manage my Monzo investment. I'm looking at startups who are pitching for capital. The only thing that turns me off more than seeing " technology" in a firm's description is "patented blockchain technology"

β€œThe Gherkin” is one of London’s iconic buildings. The street it’s on has a strange name: β€œSt Mary Axe”. I always wondered where that name came from. This blog lays it all out. β€œLondon’s lost church of the 11000 virgins!”

Proof that neither a sense of humor nor appreciation of the absurd are requirements for being involved in tech.

It's like there's entire generations of programmers who grew up never having watched a single episode of Monty Python or something.

@pacohope: I was streaming music from and browsing . Suddenly the music stopped. Why? A fucking . It loaded as I scrolled up the page. Fuck ads. Makes me so mad. There’s no screen and I’m not hearing anything. Someone is getting paid for nothing, too.

All are currently busy assisting other . Please hold the whine and your query will be answered in the order in which it was received.

Honestly? We’re ending 2018 with all of us being great on mastodon. You know what that is? Growth.

But what of this sudden influx of refugees? They don't know us or our way of life!

I tell you they will bring their own memes and not respect our time honoured 🍍 and jorts (jean shorts), and they know nothing of what we do IN THIS HOUSE!

Nay, they shall bring the memes of their old homeland with them, and unless we teach them the true way, they shall never BEGIN SUPERTHOUGHT! Help these poor unfortunates learn our ways, lest we lose them.

Enron, Bernie Madoff, WorldCom, a legacy of colonial fuckery.

If you hear someone bring up 'black-on-black crime' again PLEASE bash them over the head with one of these fine examples of Caucasian behavior.

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