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Friend of mine runs this generator, with voting, on my web server. It makes cute haikus, but it's notion of syllables is pretty weak.

Funny how now that people are breathing a bit of relief from imminent , I have time to come back here. I was totally absorbed in the toxic bird site during the crisis. Super frustrated that the government has only succeeded in kicking the can down the road or voting against all options. Can we just and call it a day?

First time I’ve played in like 2 weeks. Every loot box is a Baptiste box


TECH CONSUMERS: Alexa decides what music I listen to, what my children eat, and who can open my door ✨🎉💻
TECH WORKERS: my address is a secret and my children play with rocks


i don't know what it is with roads in the UK. I drove 20+ years in the US. Maybe had 1 flat tyre in all that time. Inth 9 years I've lived in the UK, I've had about 10 flat tyres. I'm either picking up nails (random) or hitting kerbs (my fault).


I reworked the Guardian's flow chart to help make it clearer how was going. I coined the term 'fuckstention', which is exactly what it's going to be.

I have been rabidly following and talking about so I have been doing that mainly on the bird site because it’s kinda unwelcome in the fediverse and I have lots more friends there also angrily tweeting. Maybe I’ll toot some here, but I’ll keep it covered.

[blog] I was playing around with the Google Doodle on Johann Sebastian Bach and i made a sorta rock ballad out of it. Fun.

@Edent Did I see you at the London march today? Hot pink hair band?


Rally cool time lapse video of a million marchers today.

I was gonna toot more from the but there was NO signal and no WiFi. Nothing. That’s how many people there were

Any of my mastofam gonna be in today for the march? This will be my only open toot about it. I’ll CW everything else.

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