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Attn: US citizens living outside of the US 

Protest Saturday / Iran 

All my neighbours in the US are surprised I spend so much effort wiring the network. I have an 8-port gigabit switch in my entertainment centre that's full:
1. uplink
2. music mac pro (wired only)
3. my office ethernet switch
4. PS4
5. apple TV
6. NAS
7. VM PC
8. Something else, i forget.

In three hours and 12 minutes the east coast will step in to the yawning portal of the roaring twenties. All music other than early jazz, blues, and "old times" music will cease to exist. All women will become flappers. All men, liquor bootleggers.

The time is nigh. The time is nigh.

This is the perfect metaphor for the year 2020. Iโ€™m taping cat-6 cable to the existing coaxial cable tv wiring and using it to pull cat-6 throughout the house. Throwing away coaxial garbage and replacing with general purpose Ethernet.

ok so we want to collect your dna and put it in a big database

americans: hmm i dunno about that. i dont really trust the government with that kind of stuff

what if it was a private corporation and it helped you do race science

americans: oh hell yeah. i fucking love racism. sign me the fuck up

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

I got a privacy notice from Condรฉ Nast. In 8 days' time, they will include forced arbitration in their user agreement for everything you do with them, just because you happened to visit their web site. I blogged about it. You can mail a paper letter to New York City to opt out.

I'm thinking I'm not happy with Hugo and S3 and CloudFront for blogging. I'm about to write a new blog post and I'm really frustrated with how much effort it is. Code, compile, debug, commit, push...

I'm recording some video training at work, a video of myself teaching. I had to edit out a moment when I got a really itchy nose and had to scratch it, a moment when I took a sip of coffee loudly into the mic, and a really loud sneeze. It's hard doing this video recording stuff.

In an effort to cut down on waste at the , we are using fabric, which we will gather up and reuse at birthdays, and future holidays. Sometimes Iโ€™m just wrapping a flat sheet of fabric. But one of my recipients is getting 3 Paul Garmirian . So I hand-made a custom cigar wrap from cloth.

Anybody I know want to host a box on the internet basically free? I work with an โ€œinternet co-opโ€ where we have a ghetto server room, 100M internet connection. A couple of /24s and basically freedom to do an awful lot of whatever you want. Itโ€™s totally DIY, though. We just provide power, connectivity, cooling, and pretty minimal security. Itโ€™s old school internet. The way it was back in the day. Location is in Fairfax, VA, near DC. PM me if youโ€™re interested.

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