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I rang my neighbour’s doorbell and they never came to the door. Ultimately I texted them to say I left something on their front door step. Turns out that their doorbell is a ring and it needs charging!? WTF? How has technology made our lives worse? Doorbells that need to be charged? That’s idiotic.

@Matomo I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about a misspelling all over your web site. The phrase is "on premises" not "on premise". A premise is an assertion or a proposition. "Premises" is a strange plural noun that means building or property. So the opposite of "cloud" is "on-premises", not "on-premise". FYI

Are there any open source or less creepy fitness apps/web sites? I use a (now owned by google) and (who constantly spam and constantly advertise).

headline: "we're not prepared for the end of moore's law"

buddy, we weren't prepared for the beginning of moore's law, we weren't prepared for the middle of moore's law, what made you think

Hey, I ask again: do I know any copywriters who do web copy?

Some time ago, I posted why I never watch TV news. At the bottom of the blog it says "Got any reasons to watch TV news? let me know in the comments." Until now there was no way to comment. :) So now you can.

OH: "He thinks the 'dark web' is just night mode."

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