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It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out:

(Yes, I made this. I guess I have @mwlucas ' sense of humor.)

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Who thought to call them Quarantine Protests and not "Trumper Tantrums"?

h/t @wolfger

I dressed for work today. Full-on suit and tie. Shoes and everything.

when will microsoft merge github with minecraft

I rang my neighbour’s doorbell and they never came to the door. Ultimately I texted them to say I left something on their front door step. Turns out that their doorbell is a ring and it needs charging!? WTF? How has technology made our lives worse? Doorbells that need to be charged? That’s idiotic.

@Matomo I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about a misspelling all over your web site. The phrase is "on premises" not "on premise". A premise is an assertion or a proposition. "Premises" is a strange plural noun that means building or property. So the opposite of "cloud" is "on-premises", not "on-premise". FYI

I gotta admit, I never understood the implication of Bayes theorem on medical tests until I read this on “immunity passports”:

Are there any open source or less creepy fitness apps/web sites? I use a (now owned by google) and (who constantly spam and constantly advertise).

Since lots of people do now, with , and , and and such, I wrote up some behaviours that I find useful.

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