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After 17 years using Selznick's PasswordWallet (which I bought because it supported PalmOS!) I have switched to Enpass. Good stuff. Lots of modern features, cross-platform support. Single, one-time purchase. WebDAV support that doesn't require some cloud somewhere.

Voting today was weird. Jammed in the morning. Steady all day long. No post-work rush. No last minute voters. Just quiet at the end of the day.

Added a new key to my keyboard. I’ve had this for years and only just found it.

Slack has so many great corporate features. Surely everyone is excited to see this when they login.

I hate headline writers. The first word of this headline is "Why". The only question this article does NOT answer, is "why". It just moans about the problem to date, points out that the problem still exists, and stops.

Btw, I made a spicy chilli chutney that was awesome. I followed this recipe, but the second time I did it I just parboiled the chillis. They don’t have enough flesh to peel if you brook them.

My pepper harvest is pretty good. Most of these are llasa peppers. Fairly spicy. I also have some sweet banana peppers. Those are mild (like bell pepper). Anybody have recipes or ideas? Chilli paste? Sauce, salsa? Chutney?

New PS4 game “Fall Guys” is cute. I got it free for my PS Plus subscription. It’s worth the money I paid. :)

My neighbours rented 5 goats for a day to clear part of their yard. Because of course you can rent goats.

Kids today have not experienced the TV picture going staticky when a parent turns on the vacuum cleaner.

is one of those activities that doesn't really change or feel really different in the . You keep to yourself and don't really get near other people.

SpaceBear is a managed hosting service that makes it easier to create your own PixelFed, Mastodon, PeerTube or HomeTown instance.

Managed hosting means SpaceBear takes care of the technical stuff, while you own and manage the instance.

You can follow SpaceBear at:

➡️ @support

Their website is at

(HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which includes support for non-federated posts.)

#SpaceBear #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #HomeTown #Hosting #Fediverse #ManagedHosting

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