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Sometimes I see a complaint from the freeze peach crowd that they want their rights online to be the same as their legal rights.And that's when we get into the difference between privately owned online and "public" online. To me, "public" social means gov't owned and operated. Which means tax me and provide me a service via the gov't. I'm fine with that, but I don't think many libertarians and free online speech advocates are. Bit of a catch 22.

I had a PC that, for various reasons didn't sync time for a while. I fixed the reasons and it synchronised with a time server. It doesn't surprise me that error logs get some timestamps wrong. But you'd think that the TIME part of settings would get this right.

You can follow Foster's case with the #DisneyMustPay hashtag. If you're a writer facing similar tactics (even if you're not a SFWA member), they're seeking your story, via this form:


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Twas the Night Before Release Date (2020 Version). A funny poem that has been circulating the Internet for some 30 years. Updated to modern terms.

OMG I hate Capital One UK's credit card. Their whole web site is shit and does the dumbest stuff. I'm about to write a big old blog post about it, because I can't actually get through their stupid web site to tell them about how stupid they are.

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

For those of you wondering about the evidence for voter fraud in the US, it’s rare. In fact, here’s the first case they’ve found in Pennsylvania in 30 years. And it’s a Trump supporter.

Anybody wondering about the US elections from an election official's point of view, feel free to ask me questions. I served on Tuesday and I've been doing it a while. I can speak with authority on what we do in Virginia, and I have a good idea what happens elsewhere.

My editor has changed colour icons and my password wallet changed colour all in the same day. VS Code is blue, VSCodium is white/green. PasswordWallet was red, Enpass is blue. I can't find things. It's amazing how I'm unconsciously looking for the colours.

After 17 years using Selznick's PasswordWallet (which I bought because it supported PalmOS!) I have switched to Enpass. Good stuff. Lots of modern features, cross-platform support. Single, one-time purchase. WebDAV support that doesn't require some cloud somewhere.

Voting today was weird. Jammed in the morning. Steady all day long. No post-work rush. No last minute voters. Just quiet at the end of the day.

Added a new key to my keyboard. I’ve had this for years and only just found it.

Slack has so many great corporate features. Surely everyone is excited to see this when they login.

I hate headline writers. The first word of this headline is "Why". The only question this article does NOT answer, is "why". It just moans about the problem to date, points out that the problem still exists, and stops.

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