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I'm starting a Super Challenge in :

The 2020/2021 challenge entails:
- 100 films (90 minutes each)
- 100 books (50 pages each)
- in 20 months (1/5/20 -> 31/12/21)

I'm hoping all this input will boost my vocabulary and general knowledge of the language.

Today, I got things off to a good start by watching দুই কন্যা (two daughters) by Satyajit Ray.

Here is a program:

def m(a, b=[]):
return b

print m(1)
print m(2)

Here is a similar looking program:

def m(a, b=[])
return b

puts m(1).to_s
puts m(2).to_s

$ python
[1, 2]
$ ruby default.rb

In the last 24 hours, I wrote a static-site generator! I finally gave up with Hugo's templates, and trying to fit into other people's themes.

What is needed to make a static site from a collection of files?

- asciidoctor turns markdown into html
- rouge for syntax highlighting
- 90% of the look is in the CSS
- addition of head/foot/etc-ers
- rearranging

~150 lines of and I'm getting exactly the layout I want. Now to rewrite as a set of rake tasks to easily extend and rebuild my pages.

BepiColombo mission flies past the Earth, on its way to Mercury.

Launched in October 2018, the spaceship will make 2 flybys of Venus and 5 of Mercury, before settling into orbit about Mercury at the end of 2025.

The spaceship is actually a stack. On reaching orbit, this stack will break apart and the European part will study the surface terrain, while the Japanese part will analyse the magnetic field and how it interacts with the solar wind.

The final chapter of book 1 sees stage 3 over, as the group reach Rivendell. However, they arrive only after an arduous fortnight in the wildernesses of forest and then mountain. And a rapid flight with the assistance of Elf-hero Glorfindel.

A nice touch is their finding stone trolls, who featured in Bilbo's earlier adventure.

Although the Riders are swept away, events still hang in the balance, as Frodo collapses under his wound, stabbed by a blade of Mordor.

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Chapter 11 begins with raids on Crickhollow and the Inn at Bree. Their ponies lost, they have to proceed more slowly. Strider takes them through fly-infested marshes, to shake off pursuit.

They head for Weathertop, a landmark between Bree and Rivendell. At camp, Strider tells the ancient tale of Beren and Luthien - mortal man falling for immortal elf.

Gandalf had reached earlier and fought the Black Riders - who attack later at night, leaving Frodo wounded.

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Those with failure and/or a are in the high-risk group, in relation to catching the Corona Virus. "DJ Ace" is on dialysis, and describes his recovery from the virus.

Chapters 9 and 10 cover the hobbits' time in Bree, and the all-important meeting with the ranger Strider, otherwise known as Aragorn.

We also finally hear from Gandalf. Barliman had failed to have delivered a now 3-month old letter to Frodo, in which Gandalf had urged his immediate departure. This delay explains the danger they have come through, with the Black Riders suddenly on their tracks.

They sleep barricaded in one room, with Strider keeping guard.

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One of the zooniverse projects has received a welcome boost from the public after a BBC story:

Numbers from up-to 200-year old rainfall records are being transferred to digital form.

Interestingly for AI enthusiasts, Prof.Hawkins says: "[OCR] still can't achieve the accuracy of humans."
"We're getting four volunteers to do every number, and by doing that we can get to over 99% accuracy. I'm sure OCR will improve but right now it can't match what our volunteers do."

In Chapters 6-8 we first meet some of the strange beings to be encountered in Middle Earth.

In the Old Forest, the hobbits are forced down to the slumberous lair of Old Man Willow. Here they are rescued by Tom Bombadil, who gives them shelter, with Goldberry.

After a day of stories, they again fail to reach the Road, and need Tom's help once more - this time to escape a Barrow Wight.

But finally stage 2 is over: from Crickhollow to the outskirts of Bree.

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Bookmarking this 2-year old Lisp blog:

Today a series of 5 posts on GUI programming in Lisp has appeared, covering Tk, Qt4, Gtk4, IUP and Nuklear. The original posts are on the Lisp cook book:

As Russia has closed air traffic, FIDE has had to stop the candidates. The event will be continued later, from the same point.

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Drama at the top as Nepomniachtchi again plays the French Winawer, but is soundly defeated by Vachier-Lagrave. The other three games are drawn.

This is the half way point, with every player having played each other player once. The players now stand in three groups, and will play each other again in turn, colours reversed.


1st= 4.5/7 Nepomniachtchi, Vachier-Lagrave
3rd= 3.5/7 Wang, Caruana, Grischuk, Giri
7th= 2.7/7 Ding, Alekseenko

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Just exploring those features I have yet to make much use of.

Lists: a way to group people you follow, so you can see a more focussed set of recent posts in place of 'Home'.

I like this feature. And now the lists are there, I can choose a list when following a new person. Although my basic dichotomy is 'news' vs 'rest'!

Bookmarks: is there a difference between this and Favourites? Except for the lack of a star showing on the post? I've been using Favourite like a bookmark, so far.

Chapter 4: The day begins peacefully, and the hobbits could be on a pleasant hike. But the journey quickly turns into a fearful flight for the ferry, with black riders turning up at all turns. Farmer Maggot helps fill in some more details of Shire life, and the early days of Frodo.

Chapter 5: They reach the new house in Crickhollow, but there's no time to rest. All is ready for stage 2, as the four hobbits agree to move forward together, into the Old Forest.

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Chapter 3: After a long delay, and painful sale of Bag End, Frodo, Sam and Pippin begin their journey with a walk across the Shire to Frodo's ostensible new home in the East Farthing. The landscape of the Shire is described, some scary encounters with the dark rider, and a friendly meeting with Elves and their leader Gildor, of the House of Finrod.

For astronomers, there's the recognisable "Remmirath, the netted stars ... red Borgil" and the swordsman's belt.

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Started again with Lord of the Rings, my 1970 edition.

Chapter 1: perhaps due to the time I was reading, but this felt darker than I remembered. Hints of the Old Forest, Frodo's parents 'drownded', Bilbo's mysterious gold, and more mysterious visitors. The party upsetting the guests with Gandalf's dragon and the final speech ... and the 'battle' over the ring.

Chapter 2: information about the ring and its history. Setting Frodo and Sam up for their journey.

Two wins today. Nepomniachtchi takes a full point lead by defeating Ding in a Ruy Lopez, with a passed b-pawn proving stronger than Ding's h-pawn-led king-side attack. Giri dramatically wins a pawn-up, but probably drawn, knight and pawn ending when Alekseenko blunders near the end of the session.


1st 4.5/6 Nepomniachtchi
2nd 3.5/6 Vachier-Lagrave
3rd= 3/6 Wang, Caruana, Grischuk, Giri
7th= 2/6 Ding, Alekseenko

A rest day tomorrow; play starts again on wednesday.

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CHREST is an example of a cognitive architecture, supporting the development of cognitive models of human learning and expertise. For more on CHREST, see:

A new version of the CHREST Java implementation has been released, version 4.0.2:

There are no major changes within the implementation, but the manual has been extended with examples of how to write models as scripts in Java, Lisp, Python and Ruby.

#chrest #psychology

One win today for Nepomniachtchi: Wang surprised the commenters by resigning just as he entered an ending a knight down but a couple of pawns in compensation. Giri pressed hard against Caruana, with the computer giving him a +2 advantage at one point, but the game ended in repetition.


1st 3.5/5 Nepomniachtchi,
2nd 3/5 Vachier-Lagrave
3rd= 2.5/5 Wang, Caruana, Grischuk
6th= 2/5 Ding, Giri, Alekseenko

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