Today's skill: Replacing a drier belt; eSpares & DPD with next-day-saturday delivery on the belt and it wasn't hard to fit; the only tricky bit is you've got to make a gap to thread the new one around the drum; there's youtube videos but finding one for your model is tricky. Loosening stuff off creates a gap between the drum and front; threading on the motor/wheel is different on every model; if your old one snapped you need to find the video showing you how it is supposed to run.

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@penguin42 leet skills... Need more of it!
My wife and I have an agreement on broken appliances... If I can't diagnose and fix in a week she gets to buy a new one. So far I've saved us two dishwashers, a washing machine and a dryer. I lost on a fridge because I was out of the country at the time :-)

@carl_klitscher Oh my patience is a lot shorter than that; if I can't fix it or at least see how to fix it in a day or two it'll be replaced. It's got to be said the drier is at least simple!

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