What are your thoughts on operator overloading?

(on a scale from "I can't live without it" to "I'm literally Drew DeVault")

@codesections Use with great care. I've seen some particularly bad uses; Libreoffice defines '>>' as an assignment to the right in some cases; it confuses the hell out of both readers and all the static analysis tools.
I worked on a (commercial) JIT that originally used overloading to build it's internal structures; we eventually ripped it out as too confusing.

@penguin42 @codesections didn't we also re-invent STL because some of the compilers we used where too old?


@stsquad @codesections Well, fortunately not much of STL (not that I've liked STL's syntax) - but we did avoid it mostly, I think because we wanted it to work on all architectures with touchy/embedded compilers.

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