@th I like the way he's holding the keyboard at 90d; I guess that does make his up/down buttons correspond.

@penguin42 @th

interesting to note that the worker has been issued a unique marked and *branded* uniform (I can understand the high vis as thats standard safety gear for working in the street but I wonder if CCTV ops are trained to check the uniform matches up (or there is even a camera in the billboard to record maintenance) in case "subvertisers" get at this?


@vfrmedia @th Well there is the problem that wearing hi-vis and carrying something like tools will get you ignored in a lot of places.

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@penguin42 @th indeed, and in some bits of the Netherlands (more in the rural areas) there's already an entire subculture of middle aged and even older men dressing up as maintenance staff and infiltrating pirate radio transmitters into all sorts of random tall structures (including mobile phone masts and high voltage electricity pylons!)

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