Watch a documentary on (German/French) about anti-vaxxers. Just saw an American making a cup of #tea in the microwave. Now that is a serious problem! 😱

To anybody not following all the threads, I just read about superheating water by microwaving it. 😱 😱 😱

Perhaps the reason we don’t use microwave ovens for tea is that we have kettles that work. This pours over 2000W into the water to heat it up. I do feel strange. Perhaps the generators in some power plants just spin up a little bit when we start making tea.

@kensanata In the UK grid control room they have TV setup so they can watch for the end of popular TV shows, when they know they're about to get ~5Million kettles (often 3kW here!) in the next few minutes they can kick off a pumped storage plant.

@penguin42 are you pulling my leg? This sounds so over the top British I can’t tell the difference!


@kensanata No, seriously - see; it was more of a problem as we had fewer TV stations where we would get a peak:

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@penguin42 this is the best! Thank you so much for that link. The TV pickup. Wow.

I was going to post that! I've had the clip for some years. It's great isn't it? :-)
Similarm and related to many eyeballs watching the same TV show back in the day, a 'Super Flush' event after a TV show in 1983:

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